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Celsius Referral Code: 130717a909 (Get Best Free Sign Up Bonus)

This is a great platform to hold crypto, earn interest, and make payments. If someone believes crypto has a future as money, Celsius is the platform they need.

New Celsius accounts can claim a huge welcome bonus by using the promo code.

The Celsius referral code is: 130717a909. New Celsius accounts can claim a huge welcome promo by using the promo code when registering.

About Celsius Network App

Celsius is a crypto platform that is quite different from most of the others that exist. While it does function as a cryptocurrency exchange, it does not provide one with trading functionality.

Instead, the purpose of the platform is to help one go bankless. While this vision has not materialized as of yet, the company aims to get its users to rid themselves of traditional bank accounts and use Celsius as their bank.

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To do this, the company offers numerous enticing features. For one, it is possible for one to earn up to 17% interest on one’s crypto investments if one holds them in Celsius. one can also use the platform to make payments at an ever-increasing list of merchants.

Of course, it is also possible for one to borrow money using crypto as a collateral. Celsius even has its own crypto-based credit card, although the wait list is quite long.

For businesses, Celsius provides tailor-made solutions that businesses can use to begin engaging in the DeFi space. Businesses can utilize both standard cryptocurrencies or Celsius’ proprietary CEL token.

Lastly, Celsius has a referral program that has one of the best rewards out there. Here, we tell one how they can use our code to receive a bonus when registering.

How to Use the Celsius Promo Code


If one wants to know of the easiest method to register on Celsius Network using the promo code and avail the best bonus. The link will automatically apply the promo code and allow one to complete the registration as normal.

Users can, of course, go through the standard registration process as well. Here is how one can begin using Celsius and get a bonus.

  1. Go to the Celsius website and click on the Sign Up button in the top right corner.
  2. Now, put in all the credentials. Remember that Celsius is a regulated exchange and will require certain verifications.
  3. Complete the signup process. At some point, one will be asked to provide a referral code. This is when to type: 130717a909.
  4. After the registration is complete, one will need to perform all the verification checks before they can use the platform.
  5. After that, all that is left to do is to deposit the amount required and receive the bonus.
  6. Now that one has a bonus, they can continue to receive rewards by joining the Celsius referral program.

Let’s take a look at all the benefits offered by the Celsius referral program.

Celsius Referral Program


Celsius truly has one of the best rewards out of all the crypto platforms. Once users have registered with our promo code and received the bonus, one can go to the profile and retrieve a promo code that they can use to invite their friends.

One can also create their own referral link to make it easier for their friends and family to sign up to the platform using a code. Once an account has been created, a referral has 30-days to deposit the amount required to receive the bonus. Both one and their referral will receive an outright cash bonus of an equal amount.

One last thing to remember is that while the bonus is credited to their account right after the deposit is complete, one cannot withdraw it for up to 30 days. This is to ensure that people actually use the platform and do not just register for the free cash.

Of course, the bonus that the user receives can be used within the Celsius platform for any of the features. In fact, we would recommend that users utilize it this way as one can make quite a bit of money through Celsius.

Alternative Promo Codes

When we said that Celsius has one of the best rewards systems from all the crypto platforms, we were not kidding. Once someone registers on the platform using their code, they can visit the promo codes page to see all the other active promotions on the platform.


The codes work in a simple way. They make use of the code and deposit the amount required to receive a cash bonus. After that, their funds are locked for a specific period of time depending on the code they used. Once the time is up, one can withdraw their funds.

Celsius Fees

Now that one knows about the referral program, let’s take a look at Celsius’ fee structure to see if the platform is worth using.


The fee structure on Celsius is slightly different, and it is practically non-existent. For users, they do not have to pay any fees on any loan originations or transfers. One does also not need to have a minimum balance requirement.

This is, of course, vastly preferable to the traditional banking system where fees can be a substantial amount of one’s assets. On top of that, while the platform is quite secure, it still has $30 million in insurance for assets stored in the wallets.


Apart from this, users can hold CEL tokens in their Celsius wallet to receive discounts on loans and rewards on certain features of the platform. All in all, since Celsius is not a trading platform, it does not have a lot of fees.

Holding the CEL token is also a great way to receive a higher interest on the holdings in one’s wallet. However, unlike other platforms that are only worth using if one stakes their token, Celsius is a great platform to use even if they hold no CEL tokens.

Use the Promo Code and Enjoy The Free Cash Bonus

While Celsius will not satisfy all users’ crypto trading needs, it will pretty much satisfy all else. This is a great platform to hold crypto, earn interest, and make payments. If someone believes crypto has a future as money, Celsius is the platform they need.

So, users may begin using Celsius with some free cash. They can register now using the code 130717a909 to receive the best sign up bonus on Celsius.

First published on: 24-11-2021 at 10:48 IST
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