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‘Reliable distribution network can pave way for energy efficiency’

The initial costs of implementing the concept of clean energy is slightly higher but in the long run,it does not have any substitute.

Reliable distribution network can pave the way for energy efficiency in India,Ashok Kaushik,vice president,Ensto India Pvt Ltd,told Purabi Bora. It is essential to correct the faulty distribution networks and stringently monitor the lines. Excerpts:

Q. Could you give a brief overview about your plans for India?  

Ensto India is a 100 per cent subsidiary of Ensto Finland OY,founded in 2009. Our products are adapted to the local needs and in the first phase,the main market area will be primarily India. In addition to the manufacturing,the new unit at Manesar will also be responsible for all activities ranging from product development to marketing and logistics.

India is at the peak for demand and consumption of electricity. This demand is expected to amplify by around 500% over the next four decades. Through our novel energy efficient solutions in the power distribution,we intend to bridge the expanding demand-supply gap in the Indian power sector.


Indian power sector has the highest transmission and distribution losses in the world. By reducing these losses,more electricity from the existing installed capacity could be brought into the grid. Also,by adopting different energy conservation measures through efficient management,energy related pollution and emissions can be limited and more energy made available for economic productivity.

Our aim is to upgrade the outdated transmission and distribution systems,reduce power losses and work towards the deployment of smart grid technologies with full force in India. 

Q. Ensto provides energy efficient solutions for power distribution. What kind of business potential do you see in India?  

India offers tremendous potential for us. Distribution losses in European nations and countries like Finland is less than 4% are between 3.5%-10% and in India,at some places,it can be up to 60%. This is a unique contrast as the distribution networks in India often face a number of bottlenecks and are mostly losing revenue due to poor monitoring of distribution transmission lines and rampant electricity thefts. Often,one can see live wires near transformers and distribution boxes are prone to mishandling and accidents caused due to short circuits are inevitable. In such scenarios,it is essential to minimize general losses and stealing by building a reliable network through perfect distribution network planning,right installation practices and further by the use of high quality cable accessories,and using cables that can withstand wear and tear and UV rays. By providing an appropriate means of distribution and optimum power supply Ensto will definitely prove its actual potential in India market too. 

Q. What kind of products offerings you provide to suit the Indian market?  

We provide solutions for low voltage overhead,underground line,medium voltage overhead and underground lines. In addition,we provide high end Industrial Enclosure & Terminal Solutions plastic and metal. Our products are reliable and specifically meant for consumers adhering to strict quality norms and approved under continuous laboratory testing in various climatic conditions for electrical and mechanical properties. Our products meets various international standards such as IEC,EN,UL,CE and national standards from NFC / REC/IS will be introduced in the Indian market. 

Q. How Cleantech Finland is helping India in sustainability business?  

Indeed,Cleantech Finland is the most renowned name in the field of sustainable and green energy.  Ensto India is a Cleantech partner focussing on Indian market,with a specialized range of energy efficient products and offerings. Cleantech Finland is a network of top Cleantech experts which connects clients,partners,investors and other stakeholders with the best Cleantech expertise. For decades Finnish cleantech companies have solved environmental challenges marking themselves as global leaders in energy efficiency,clean industrial processes and bio energy. It will be great honor for Cleantech Finland to serve India in their power management and energy conservation. 

Q. Although it is said to be the age of ‘clean energy and environment friendly’ products,not many people are implementing it in their day to day life. What could be the reason for that?  

The initial costs of implementing the concept of clean energy is slightly higher but in the long run,it does not have any substitute. Educated people who are aware of the fact that sustainable development is necessary for sustaining in today’s world are accepting this proposal very calmly. Awareness needs to be built among the masses and government as well as private companies should come forward to create programmes related to benefits of clean technology.  

Q. How is your energy efficient products and solutions helping the environment and in sustainable development?  

India being the most problematic country in regard to power transmission and distribution needs to find a way out so that people get use to energy efficient products to survive in sustainable environment. Our sales companies in Finland,Norway,Hungary,Great Britain,Estonia and Poland have received the ISO 9001 ed. 2000 Quality System Certificate. Also,our production sites in Finland and Estonia have received both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate. The Ensto products are easy to install,safe,reliable and cost effective. Environmental benefits include many,such as reduced local pollution through burning less fuel,lower greenhouse gas emissions,less use of firewood and hence less destruction of forests. Even where country output is increased (e.g. through expanding manufacturing capacity) energy efficiency improvements can contribute significantly in most cases to reducing the negative impact of energy consumption per unit of output. Any increase in pollutant emissions will thus be minimized and also can meet demands and thereby customer satisfaction. 

Q. Who are your target customers?  

Our high quality products make it possible to construct electricity networks with low failure frequency irrespective of parameter of voltage fluctuation and as mentioned above Ensto products are really safe and consumer friendly in nature. Industrial energy efficiency is essential for strengthening economies,protecting ecosystems and achieving social benefits. There is no specific band for customers. We need to be organised from the very beginning starting with installation of transformers,smart grids and voltage correctors. Major focus will be the resetting of commercial sector and then plans will be amended to capture direct customers in the Indian market. 

Q. Do you think reliable distribution network can pave the way for energy efficiency in India?  

Yes,reliable distribution network can pave the way for energy efficiency in India. It is quite baffling that distribution loss in India at some places touches 60% of the energy produced. This is because of faulty distribution networks and other quality issues such as poor monitoring of lines,low quality wires used and rampant thefts in the transmission lines.  

It is possible to control T&D losses by initiating proven practices and applying innovative technologies. “All distribution companies (discoms) make money but they burden the consumers with higher tariffs and doing nothing to prevent distribution network losses.” In order to increase the power generation in India there has been continuous under-investment in the T&D sector.   

Q. How can Ensto contribute in building reliable and sustainable distribution network in India?  

Technology up gradation is essential to amplify the concept of energy efficient electricity distribution. Ensto is well established in Europe and Finland where it has encountered a drastic achievement in reliable and sustainable distribution network so taking these techniques as a base we will operate our operations in Indian market too which will be however beneficial for the country only.    

Q. What are the business and regulatory challenges faced by Ensto in India?  

The Indian market and consumers must be educated about the energy efficiency initiatives and their role is most vital. Urgent policy intervention by both the central and state governments for this industry’s growth is the needed. First and foremost,we should create awareness among the network owners. For this the company has developed the Ensto Pro training program which consists of modules such as ‘selection of connectors’ and ‘aluminium joining techniques’. The company has approached over 60 discoms across the country,and has completed over 15 such training sessions. The result of this initiative has been that some 15 discoms have started using connectors that Ensto supplies. But the major challenge is in getting the proposal accepted at the Ministry of Power. 

Q. What role do you think government should play in minimising the losses in the power distribution system?  

Coordination with the discoms has lead in fruitful results for the company. Now it is the prime responsibility of the government to come under one roof with us so that optimum energy efficient products for sustainable power distribution network can be installed for the betterment of the society. But the challenge is in getting the proposal accepted at the Ministry of Power. If convinced,the ministry then issues a directive to the Power Finance Corporation or Rural Electrification Corporation to look into,or appoint an agency to advice in the matter. This unnecessary lag is making a simple process complicated,and making room for counterfeiters.


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