New Cities summit from May 14 in Paris

New Cities summit from May 14 in Paris

800-1000 global thought leaders,mayors,leading CEOs to discuss high-tech solutions for fast-growing economies.

The New Cities Foundation (NCF),a Swiss non-profit organisation working on the field of urban innovation in 21st century cities,will hold the inaugural New Cities Summit from May 14-16,2012 in Paris.

The annual summit is the centrepiece of the Foundation’s work. It aims to be the leading annual global event on 21st century urbanization,with a unique focus on urbanisation in fast-growing economies in Asia,the Middle-East and Latin America.

The event,which will take place in Paris-La Défense,will bring together global thought leaders in business,public policy,technology,infrastructure,architecture,energy,transport,finance,national and local government,academia,civil society and the media.

With the scale and pace of 21st century urbanization,India is building hundreds of new cities to house rural dwellers. Megacities require large investments in infrastructure and technology while historic old cities need to be revamped for livability and competitiveness. NCF’s work examines the complex challenges which many Indian cities are faced by such as poverty,social exclusion,and environmental degradation,in order to provide opportunities for positive change.


The Foundation has assembled a number of Task Forces composed of specialists from the corporate,policy and academic communities working together to explore innovative solutions to help shape the best urban practices of tomorrow. NCF’s first three Task Forces are in the areas of e-health in a city in Latin America,mobility in a US city,and smart work in the public sector in a European city.

Content for May’s Summit will be drawn from these global research initiatives. They will generate replicable models that can be applied to cities such as Mumbai,Delhi or Kolkata,with the aim of improving infrastructure,waste management,energy conservation,and mobility,and thereby helping to generate employment opportunities.

Mathieu Lefevre,Executive Director of NCF,said “We believe that building more sustainable and dynamic urban communities can only be achieved through new forms of partnership,and the New Cities Summit will be a unique opportunity to develop new models of collaboration between the public,private and academic sectors and civil society.”