‘Greater selection, lower prices, delivery innovations will delight’https://indianexpress.com/article/business/companies/greater-selection-lower-prices-delivery-innovations-will-delight/

‘Greater selection, lower prices, delivery innovations will delight’

Amit Agarwal VP & country manager, Amazon India, says their main strength is strategy which is global.

On Amazon’s India strategy:

Our main strength is our strategy which is global, very simple and is captured in a flywheel. The execution of this strategy is local. We start with the customer experience and work backwards. Building a great customer experience drives traffic, traffic attracts sellers, more sellers drive more selection and this further improves the customer experience. Indian e-commerce space is still in a very nascent stage with significant potential for innovation to improve customer experience. The growth is at an inflection point. With increasing Internet penetration… there is an interest and demand from mini metros and smaller towns across the country. We see it as a tremendous opportunity.

On the $2 bn investment:

The investment is aimed at supporting amazon.in’s rapid growth and continued focus to enhance the customer and seller experience… Consumers shall benefit from greater selection, lower prices and delivery innovations that will continue to delight them.

On what Indian consumers want:

Our experience… has shown one thing, that customers around the world are similar. They always want a vast selection at low prices and a convenient, reliable and trustworthy online shopping experience. Indian customers are no different.

On Amazon’s priorities in India:

Our vision for India aligns with our global vision which is to build a place where customers can find, discover and buy anything that they desire online… Our total selection across categories is now in excess of 17 million products. Following will be our focus area: to build a varied selection through which we could cater to almost all the customer needs; making online buying an enjoyable, reliable and a trustworthy experience and building quick, reliable and convenient delivery mechanisms.