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Sunday, July 22, 2018

‘Furniture, food and fitness are the emerging interests’ is focussed on capitalising the mobile and internet penetration and bringing small sellers online.

Written by Shruti Srivastava | Published: January 30, 2015 2:00:54 am

As the e-commerce sector becomes more competitive, is focussed on capitalising the mobile and internet penetration and bringing small sellers online. Mahendra Nerurkar, director and general manager,, talks with Shruti Srivastava on the trends in the sector. Excerpts:

What is the relevance of in this market where each retail player is marketing itself vigorously? 

From a customer’s perspective, our relevance is in making more options available to them. They can come here, see the offers and make an informed choice. The more the fragmentation in the market, the more relevant we are. For sellers, in this high-decibel market, there is a need to have a sharp channel where they can find high-intent customers. We provide them a channel through which they can zero in on customers. Sellers who are on Junglee have seen a 3-5 times high conversion from the traffic on the company than any other channel.

What are the trends you have spotted? 

There are quitea few. I think mobile is becoming the de facto way of accessing the internet, particularly the shopping sites. We had launched our android app and we got about one million downloads in less than 80 days. Another big trend is the emergence of ‘4F categories’. While 2012 was about electronics, appliances and books and 2013 was about Fashion, 2014 clearly marked the emergence of furniture, food and fitness as categories that attracted customer interest. The third big trend is small sellers and the unique value proposition they are offering. We have started seeing a traction in this in terms of customer interest to buy from local sellers.

Do you think growth in loyalty for a brand may lead to a decline in popularity of companies such as yours?

I don’t think so. We don’t give customers just one option. We are giving them 360 degree solutions that you can buy for yourself or for a friend of yours who is in some other city. So I think while customers will definitely start having preferential destination for shopping, there will be even more questions and they will come to Junglee to seek answers.

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