FE@CAMPUS MASTERMIND: Response by Paridhi Gola to question for March 04-10

The education sector saw an outlay of Rs 65,867 crore in the Budget. What do we need,more money or better implementation of existing schemes?

Written by FeBureau | New Delhi | Published: March 6, 2013 12:05:07 pm

Education reform means to make education better by removing faults and corruption. True educators are always thinking of more effective ways to enhance and democratize the way children learn. With the continuous change of growing population,economics,culture,family,and global communication,there has to be continuous educational reforms to keep the society abreast with these changes.These do require money,but not just money is important.Instead of making meaningful reforms,we “misdiagnose the problem” and instead make wrongheaded assumptions that have amounted to endless hand-wringing and little progress.According to the Census of 2011,”every person above the age of 7 years who can read and write in any language is said to be literate”. Also ,far fewer girls are enrolled in the schools,and many of them drop out.There is quite a bit of bureaucracy and conformity to overcome.The present situation could have been better. The education system is profoundly skewed and its most significant problem: placement and grading. Most educators place too much value on inflexible systems for identifying proper places for students and estimate their comprehension of the material; there are many factors that may aid or hinder a student’s performance on such tests.When such tort reforms are discouraged then amount of money being spent on educational reforms now,will be more than enough and education system will lead towards its betterment.

Paridhi Gola



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