BOSE OE2 HEADPHONES: Indulgence for the ears

BOSE OE2 HEADPHONES: Indulgence for the ears

These audio headphones deliver your music with depth and clarity.

Whether walking on the road,exercising in the gym or resting on your couch—music on earphones is one companion you will always need. To help you more,Bose has revamped its OE headphone range which they released back in 2008. Now it has two variants of this headphone,OE2 and the OE2i. The only difference between them is the added microphone which they have included in the OE2i headphones. These two headphones,which have been redesigned,offer better audio performance with depth and clarity and the new ergonomic design makes them fit more comfortably than their predecessors.

Looks and comfort go hand in hand in this buy and you will realise it while wearing the OE2 headphones. This is an on-ear headphone and it comes in two different colours,white and black—both look absolutely stunning. The headband has ample padding for the top of your head to give comfort and the insides are lushly padded with black leather with a small mesh opening in the centre for sound to pass through. The metallic adjusting bands extend or retract on either side.

The earcups measure 2.3 by 2 inches,creating a roughly ear-sized oval shape in black plastic with the Bose logo branded across the middle in metallic paint. Hologram label provides a visual identifier and unique product code signifying the headphones are a genuine article from Bose. The hologram also has various security features that enable Bose to confirm the authenticity of the label. On OE2 and OE2i headphones,the label is located on the inside of the headband. A carrying pouch,which the headphones collapse and fold flat into for easy toting,is included with the pair. This slim carrying case stores and protects headphones and accessories during travel.

When I look at my personal experience,I used these headphones on my way back to home from my office. First thing which I noticed,it is very handy and easy to carry around in your neck or with the carry case. It really fits well in your ears and the soft leather padding helps you to use it for long hours. I have used them in warm days and noticed that I did not experience much sweat while using this headphones,which gives it an upper hand compared to other on-ear headphones. The connection is 3.5 mm mini jack,the most common in home audio devices today. It works with any devices or smartphones that have mini jack.


As for sound quality,the OE2 has boosted high frequencies and a full bass response,which makes its sound particularly good on any kind of music. TriPort technology,available only from Bose,produces tonally balanced audio with deep low notes from lightweight,on-ear headphones. Bose acoustic equalisation fine-tunes the frequency response of the headphones for exceptional audio performance.

Though at maximum volume,the bass response seems too much for the actual earcup enclosures,as they can vibrate and audibly rattle a bit. But still the audio reproduction is more balanced and natural. The frequency range is not artificially amplified,the bass is rich.


Dimensions: 19.1 x 15.2 x 2 cm (H x W x D)

3.5 mm stereo cable

Ear cushion: 5.8 x 5.1 cm (H x W)

TriPort technology for tonally balanced audio with deep low notes

Weight with cable: 140 g

Estimated street price: Rs 8,100