Nations do not make the world, people do, says Shanu S P Hinduja

The Vice Chairperson of the Hinduja Bank,Switzerland noted that if developed nations take the lead, it will automatically give solutions to issues like poverty.

By: PTI | New York | Updated: August 7, 2016 1:04:11 pm

As the world grapples with the refugee crisis and growing scourge of terrorism, Vice Chairperson of the Hinduja Bank Switzerland Shanu S P Hinduja has said world leaders should not divide people and instead need to work with an one-point agenda to save lives.

“It is the people who make up the world, not nations. But leaders at every level and belonging to all sectors divide for their own agenda, which they feel is beneficial to managing affairs of their own country,” Hinduja said.

“Leaders serve their term, serve their agenda in their own way. But each leader now has to start thinking in broader terms. They need to not only address issues of their own nations but also reflect what its consequences on the rest of the world will be and take steps for their own country relative to the problems of the world,” she told PTI.

Hinduja noted that if developed nations, which have the resources, take the lead, it will automatically give solutions at the other end of the spectrum to issues like poverty, which is the root cause for the growing speed of the destruction of the planet.

She lamented that the current state of global affairs, where war is forcing people to leave their homes and seek refuge in foreign lands and thousands of innocent people are losing their lives due to terror attacks across the world.

Hinduja opined that people must be deeply concerned in their every day lives at the growing destruction and conflict on the planet.

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“The rate at which the planet is being destroyed by conflicts, there is growing fear among citizens for the safety of the future generations,” Hinduja said.

“If the situation continues like this, soon there will be no countries left to lead. I am sure people are eager to see which global leader is willing to move forward, take up the white flag of peace and give it the backing it needs to stop the slandering of nations,” she said.

Hinduja underscored that nations and leaders have to give up their differences as “there is a much bigger war that has to be dealt with.”

“There should be only one-point agenda of global leaders and that is to save lives. World leaders can achieve this by talking to their counterparts. Today it is not just about their own country but most importantly it is about the planet,” Hinduja said.

“Which world leaders are really going to be taking the steps towards globalisation to save the world and lives of its people. The plethora of problems that the world today faces has been created by mankind and it is mankind that has to stop it,” she said.

“Who will have the courage to hoist the white flag to save lives on the planet,” she asked.

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