Indian rupee: Govt’s failed booster shots

A series of measures by policy makers has slowed the decline,but has failed to reverse the trend.

Written by Reuters | Mumbai | Published: September 2, 2013 2:45:06 pm

The Indian rupee is plumbing record lows,shedding almost one-fifth of its value to the dollar in 2013,by far the most in emerging Asia.

A series of measures by policy makers has slowed the decline,but has failed to reverse the trend.

Following are stories on the Indian rupee’s tumble and its impact on the economy.


*Falling Indian factory activity adds to rupee’s woes

*Factory activity shrinks in Aug for first time in 4-1/2 yrs-PMI

*Tata,Mahindra car sales slump; rupee to add to industry woes

*Speedier clearances no magic wand for infrastructure logjam

*India’s crisis within crisis; fin minister fights on 2 fronts

*India seeks allies to defend rupee as growth skids to 4-yr low

*India pushes for joint FX intervention; action unclear

*BREAKINGVIEWS-Emerging market currency rescue is a pipe dream

*Rupee slump a hard lesson for Indian students overseas


*India’s Singh fights for “reformer” legacy as economy totters

*India cbank says not converting idle gold into bullion

*EXCLUSIVE-India might buy gold from citizens to help rupee

*Rupee charts in unchartered territory

*Rupee crash forces Indian holidaymakers to ditch Italy for Goa

*India finds price of expats’ patriotism elusive as growth fades

*The rupee is where? Currency collapse confounds India

*More pain ahead for battered emerging currencies,options show

*Crashing markets spell trouble for India’s privatisation plans

*India’s balance of payment problems hamper rupee rescue

*Rupee over 60: Why currency weakness may be here to stay

*India names ex-IMF heavyweight as new cbank chief

*Turkey’s lira defence a lesson for India

*Indian policymakers’ struggle for s clear message


*India cbank cracks down on speculative FX trading-sources

*Central bank to sell dollars to oil companies

*India cbank takes steps to ease pressure on bond markets

*India cabinet approves projects to kick-start investment

*India curbs FX outflows,bans imports of gold coins,medallions

*India cbank to sell weekly cash management bills

*India cbank takes new steps to drain cash

*Govt relaxes FDI rules for sectors

*India cbank raises short-term interest rates,drains cash

*India govt raises gold duty to 8 percent


*Moody’s says India’s food subsidy bill ‘credit negative’

*Moody’s says factors underpinning rupee part of rating

*Fitch: India’s fiscal deficit target more challenging

*Fitch sends rating warning shot to India and Indonesia

*S&P maintains negative outlook on India’s rating


*India in depth: Let rupee sink to save the economy

*Rupee rescue is more prayer than plan

*How Raghuram Rajan can end India’s mini-crisis

*India seeks diaspora bailout without strings

*India new FDI rules show welcome long-termism


*Short rupee positions at 5-year high

*Under Rajan,cbank to focus on currency; rupee to hit 69

*Indian economic growth seen below 5 pct in 2013/14

*India’s steps to rescue the troubled rupee

*India’s efforts to curb gold imports

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