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Improved Stamina With Kapiva’s 100% Pure Himalayan Shilajit From 18000 Ft In The Himalayas

Learn how Kapiva Academy of Ayurveda is going above and beyond to procure & offer 100% pure Shilajit from the higher altitudes of the Himalayas for men's physical & mental wellness.

Kapiva’s 100% Pure Himalayan Shilajit

Shilajit, one of the most potent Ayurvedic herbal and mineral combinations (Rasaushadhi), is used in conventional herbal medicine to treat a variety of male health issues, from exhaustion to poor testosterone production.

Any Shilajit that is available locally, though, cannot be used. In order to assure that it is free of heavy metals and suitable for consumption, Kapiva’s skilled staff performs a thorough purification procedure. Additionally, every batch of Kapiva Himalayan Shilajit is lab-tested and comes with a report showing its metal-free nature. Shilajit also contains 80+ trace minerals and helps boost immunity and supports mental & physical health.

“At Kapiva, we source 100% pure Himalayan Shilajit from 18000 ft altitude regions, ensuring the most potent nutrient quality. We also produce lab purity test reports with every batch of Shilajit. Finding 100% pure Shilajit is difficult, but we ensure the purity by following rigorous Ayurvedic processes  to make sure you get maximum benefits”

 — Dr. Kriti Soni, Kapiva Academy of Ayurveda 

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Test the purity of Kapiva Himalayan Shilajit Yourself!

Kapiva’s 100% Authentic Shilajit can be tested in three ways:


While impure shilajit doesn’t dissolve at ambient temperature, pure shilajit dissolves slowly but entirely when placed in water. Shilajit’s purity can be determined by this.

Flame Test

When placed over a flame source, pure Shilajit will expand


Pure Shilajit will always have a pungent smell  because of its natural origin

Kapiva’s Himalayan Shilajit- Purity

Kapiva’s Himalayan Shilajit – The Most Potent 

Kapiva Academy of Ayurveda has ensured that the Shilajit is the most potent and better than locally available Shilajit. This is how:

  • It is available in the resin form which is the most potent as opposed to others that are usually available in capsules
  • Kapiva ensures that each batch of Shilajit is purified by the Shodhana process in Ayurveda, while others may not be authentically purified
  • Kapiva Himalayan Shilajit is lab-tested and comes with a report showing its metal-free nature. Locally available Shilajit contains high heavy metal content
  • Kapiva’s Shilajit is strictly processed in GMP-certified labs, while others are locally processed, making them unsuitable for consumption

Benefits of Kapiva Himalayan Shilajit:

Rich in Fulvic Acid:


Experts at Kapiva Academy of Ayurveda have found the Kapiva Himalayan Shilajit to be enriched with >60% fulvic acid, which makes it a very powerful energy adapter. With high oxygen content, it is used to shorten the negative effects of exercise like loss of breath, muscle soreness, and others.

Unlocks Sexual Stamina:

Shilajit, as an ayurvedic herb, has been proven by many experts to work wonders. As per Kapiva, Himalayan Shilajit Resin boosts your sex life and helps increase overall confidence.

Natural testosterone booster:

Experts at Kapiva Academy of Ayurveda say that if you consume Shilajit regularly it will help boost testosterone levels. This is an important hormone in the human body as it helps maintain high energy levels, increase stamina and build muscle mass.

Kapiva Shilajit Gold Resin – The Power Of 24 Karat Gold 

Kapiva’s Shilajit Gold Resin, 5 times more powerful than regular Shilajit helps achieve daily wellness with 100% Pure Himalayan Shilajit and a blend of 24 Karat Gold, 183rd day harvested Nagori Ashwagandha, Gokshura, Haldi and Safed Musli.

Recommended for daily consumption, here are some key benefits of Kapiva’s Shilajit Gold Resin:

  • Boosts testosterone & sperm quality in 4 weeks*
  • Improves stamina by 15% in 5 days*
  • Aids muscle recovery in 10 days*

*When consumed in the prescribed dosage

Kapiva’s Shilajit Gold Resin

Experience a stamina and energy boost in natural and stress-free ways with Kapiva’s 100% Pure Himalayan Shilajit along with Shilajit Gold Resin.

First published on: 22-11-2022 at 11:31:47 am
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