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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Ensuring a student’s good health: What parents can do to help

The policy covers students between the age of 3 and 25 years and one legal parent/guardian.

April 24, 20184:45:20 pm

During school years, the duty of a parent is to wholeheartedly support his/her children and not put any unnecessary pressure on them. Student life can be highly challenging, your children are already trying their best and that’s what matters the most. You should encourage your children to follow their passion and enjoy their life to the fullest while ensuring they stay in good health. It is also imperative to understand that school years are the most formative in a child’s life. A parent should, thus, ensure that his/her child makes the most of it.

Students get stressed and its accumulation can prove to be destructive. Often, they find no one to talk to and feel alone. An active parent-child communication can solve a lot of problems. You can also take help from a mental health specialist. Parents, whose children live in boarding schools or hostels, have it tougher. What if your child gets sick while away from you? You can’t always run to their rescue! Instead, you should empower them with the means to get treated by themselves. Buying health insurance can certainly help in this regard.

You can consider the ‘Vidyarthi Mediclaim’ policy by NIC. It is an insurance policy that provides health and personal accident coverage to students. It also provides for continuation of insured student’s education in case of death or permanent total disablement of the guardian due to accident. The policy covers students between the age of 3 and 25 years and one legal parent/guardian. As far as eligibility goes, it covers students in any registered educational institution affiliated to any state board, council, university and AICTE or any other govt. statutory authority within the territory of India. Apart from giving cover to your child for hospitalization expenses and personal accident, it also makes you eligible for various tax benefits.

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