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Thursday, October 01, 2020

Navrattan Green Cement is the answer to India’s fly ash conundrum

Green cement will give a new direction to the construction business sector and it will also address the growing problem of pollution, says, Himansh Verma.

Updated: July 29, 2020 3:05:14 pm
Himansh Verma, Chairman, Navrattan Group of Industries

In April 2020, while the country was still under a strict lockdown, a fly ash dam breach in Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh, killed six persons when the toxic slurry flowed into their village. Apart from the loss of lives, the fly ash also polluted hundreds of acres of agricultural land, putting the local livelihood at risk and polluting the nearby water reservoir, which supplied potable water to millions in the area. 

Fly ash is a toxic waste material generated after burning of coal at thermal power plants. It is usually stored in the form of slurry in ponds in millions of gallons of volume. According to a report by the Central Electricity Authority, about 130 tons of fly ash was generated between April-September 2019 at 194 thermal power plants in India. While about 100 tons of fly ash was diverted for alternate use, the rest was added to the already overflowing fly ash ponds across the country. In the absence of a proper, regulated medium to handle fly ash slurry, the lives of people and the surrounding environment continue to remain at risk.

There is a way out of this and that is cement manufacturing, to be more specific, making green cement, which not only takes care of fly ash and the problems arising due to its storage but also results into a better, eco-friendly alternative to the regular cement, which again is a major polluting factor in the country. So, it is basically killing two birds with one stone and Navrattan Group of Industries has already taken a lead in this direction.

Navrattan Green Crete (NGC) is an invention of Navrattan Green Cement Industry, a flagship venture of the Group. Himansh Verma, Chairman of the Group, is the driving force behind this game-changing concept in the cement industry. NGC can curb pollution arising out of infrastructure development while addressing the need to address waste material generation in case of fly ash.

Green Crete is made with recycled materials like fly ash and granulated slag, which, as you know, is dumped just like that. This raw material comes cheaper than the usual raw material required to produce traditional concrete. The green cement is manufactured through an exceptionally computerised process that doesn’t devour too much energy. Most significantly, NGC is assembled through a completely environment-friendly process, which doesn’t leave behind any debris, dust or fumes. 

Having said that, if you are still worried about the relevance of Green Crete, it is superbly functional, impermeable and it lends a strong quality to construction. Speaking about this revolutionary product, Himansh Verma says, “Green cement will give a new direction to the construction business sector and it will also address the growing problem of pollution, especially in metros because it is being manufactured, literally, from the garbage generated in our cities.”

The global market for green building practices is already being pegged at US$187.4 billion and it is expected to keep growing at an annual rate of 8.6%. Right building materials, like NGC, will drive this growth and will also keep the pollution away to a large extent.

The Navrattan conglomerate is currently the technology owner of green cement in the world and by virtue of its futuristic way of doing business, it is bound to spearhead the green movement in the construction sector. Expressing his commitment to a green future, Himansh Verma says, “Navrattan Group of Industries is already working towards a future where alternative technologies will play a huge, huge part. Be it green cement, eco-friendly transport or such similar technologies, Navrattan is committed to align its business interests with that of humanity. We won’t be working against the greater good ever!”

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