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Swachch Bharat can never be successful with so much of garbage in our minds

If you want to make success of Make in India then first of all make our character worthy of being called an Indian.

We just celebrated Teacher’s Day on September 5 and what could have been a better way to celebrate this day than to add new words to our (un)cultural dictionary and that too coming from the topmost leadership of our country.

The other day I heard the Minister of State for Culture debating on a TV channel that we need to revive our old Indian culture and not be dominated by the western world… and what a revival! Nothing short of a cultural revolution we are witnessing… from ‘hawabaazi’ to ‘hawalabaazi’ and not to leave out ‘dagabaazi’ (all sound like titles of blockbuster Bollywood films). I must complement not a word of English, so here we are… the reincarnation of should I say ‘Indian (un)civilisation’?

There is so much entertainment on news channels these days that I am afraid Ekta Kapoor’s soap operas would have no takers. Kids have given up cartoon network/WWF, they would rather watch a television debate and understand what civility is all about (as if they have not learnt enough from Parliament).

Is this the development model both the ruling party and the opposition want to champion? It is indeed a sad story that in spite of such a raw talent India has and is proud of, the political environment is getting polluted, which does not give the opportunity to this raw talent to bloom. ‘Swachch Bharat’ can never be successful with so much of garbage in our minds… so much of political hatred for each other. Every progress begins with the development of mind, world respects India for it’s creative and knowledgeable mind full of wisdom.

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Gurudev Ravindranath Tagore said: “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high, where knowledge is free, where the world has not been broken into fragments By narrow domestic walls, where words come out from the depth of truth. Where clear stream of reason has not lost it’s way. Let my country awake.

If you want to make success of Make in India then first of all make our character worthy of being called an Indian. These public utterances by leadership from all sides of the divide cannot inspire our youth. Young Indians are hungry for new ideas and new vision that can be put into practice, they are too eager to transform India. If a small country like Israel can boast of being called ‘Startup Nation’ then certainly with 1.3 billion people and bright young minds India could surpass all the nations provided we have the will.

This cannot happen only with slogans. Slogans need to be matched with hard work on the ground and only if India works as a team. Even to win a cricket match one needs teamwork. Best of Indian minds can be found in the topmost Universities of the world whether it is MIT, Stanford, Yale, Harvard, Princeton or Oxford. The scientific innovations are led by Indians not in India, but abroad. Girls and boys of Indian origin always come out winners in spellathons. MNCs today are led by bright Indian women and men.


The public discourse is perhaps at its lowest ebb, whether you watch a TV channel or read a newspaper. This is not reflective of the true Indian spirit. We need to get out of this morose atmosphere and get into the positive and brighter side of India. The Indian culture has survived the onslaught of invaders because of its inclusiveness dominated by ‘spirit of India’. Culture can never be imposed through any kind of bans.

I am sure our faith in the spirit of India will ensure that we do not digress from our path of progress and such public utterances will be dealt with the contempt it deserves.

We do need to realise that this century belongs to knowledge and through knowledge comes innovation. The start up companies are knowledge based, and the temples of knowledge are our Universities. The powerful nations have their foundation in higher research based Institutions and Universities.


Our cultural revival can only come through the revival of our Universities. India needs investment in broad based research, above cast, creed, religion and of course politics.

Our ancient Rishis were like Ph.D research scholars with focus on betterment of all mankind and not only of some. The world is looking at India and we have the opportunity of our time. Let’s not lose it.

First published on: 11-09-2015 at 03:37:15 pm
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