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Tackling terrorism: Why India is the natural place to begin a movement for peace

Is this revenge against the world order which has technologically connected people but emotionally divided them?

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The whole world is under an unprecedented grip of violence. No one quite understands the cause of this, but without a cause there cannot be an effect. Never in the history of mankind the very survival of human species has been under such threat. The Doom’s Day Clock show three minutes to 12 o’clock.

Ninety nine per cent of human beings — cutting across religion, caste, creed, and nationality — are against this madness of violence. It is only less than one per cent of misguided minds, whose numbers are otherwise growing, that have become a threat to the very idea of humanity. No place in the world is safe, including the four walls of our own homes. No one knows where the next bullet, grenade or bomb is going to come from, killing innocent people, including children.

No one is sure of solutions. The institutions like the United Nations has no thought on how to solve this. Like Gandhi and all books of knowledge tell us, seeds of violence are sown in the minds before they manifest into wild trees bearing the poisonous fruits of violence that spreads like wild fire and uncontrollable violence. Young minds have become fertile fields for sowing these seeds of violence by a microscopic few, enough to create havoc as most certainly these seeds of violence are multiplying exponentially like a deadly virus.

Several questions come to our mind:

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1. Who are these people?

2. What do they want to achieve by killing innocent people irrespective of their caste, creed, religion or nationality?

3. How do we solve this?

4. Is it due to the concentration of wealth in the hands of a microscopic few?

5. Is it because of unemployment?

6. Is it because majority of people have no access to world class health or education?

7. Is it because judicial/political system is some what biased and favours the Rich and politically powerful?


8. Or is this revenge against the world order which has technologically connected people but emotionally divided them?

The need of the hour, instead of falling into the trap of a few with ulterior motive of spreading hatred, is to go back to the basic nature of human beings which is full of love and passion, kindness and concern for fellow human beings. Bullet for bullet can never be the answer, hate for hate can only create hatred for all. Let us go back to Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Kabir, Tulsidas, Narsinh Mehta, Sant Tukaram to name a few, and the thought of “Vaishnava jana to tene re kahiye je pir parayi jane re (A Vaishnava individual can be said as the one who knows the suffering of the others).” Let’s understand and try to feel the pain of others. Let’s replace the seeds of violence in the minds with the seeds of love and care. Let’s make the world a place for joy and bliss which it is.

The question is how do we do this? Specially when there are no world leaders who we could look up to as role models. Political discourse has become so petty and negative. The world of media has nothing positive to project either. It can only happen with idea exchange — a movement that will unite the world rather than divide it. It may take a very long time before we achieve a violence-free world, but we need to initiate and start a movement of peace and ahimsa all over again, all over the world. And given our basic principle of non violence, India is a natural place to begin this movement, and I am absolutely confident it will happen soon.

First published on: 27-07-2016 at 11:31:19 am
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