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#IndVsAus Side Blog: That moment when we shift loyalties. Go Kiwis Go

We have the pulse of the nation and a finger on the funny bone too.

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India vs Australia, Live Blog: “Is that Anushka” (Source: Reuters)

Australia has put an end to India’s dream run at the world cup. The semi-final underlines the fact that it was a dream run… too good to be true. The Men in Blue have nothing to be ashamed of.

The blog below is a blow by blow account of how social media reacted to the match. The latest posts are on top, do keep that in mind while reading this after the match. The commentary, and most likely the tweets too, were posted with just humour in mind. Don’t take it too seriously.

— > It will be a Australia vs New Zealand World Cup Final after all.

It has come to a point where we cannot differentiate if it is a replay or the live match.


Okay. Now we can start supporting New Zealand. Vengeance. #TheyWillNotGiveItAway

The travel sites are buzzing with activity. But Dhoni seems to have other ideas.

This is real, and scary.

No one will blame her if Australia loses.

Yes, our readers deserve some good news.

Offices across the country start filling up.

Some people are preying on the situation.

Stop crying (or faking it for TV) Sydney janta. Our neighbours are loving it a bit too much.

Our batters are finding the gaps in the field wonderfully. It will be safer for all of us if they don’t use the aerial route to find these patches of green.

We should have thought of this earlier.

Meanwhile, the Sensex is down. Not sure if there is a direct link.

*Insider info: There is a small drop in reader interest in the Semi Final stories… could be an indicator of what we think will happen. However, interest in Anushka is on the way up.


Don’t you hate it when grooms cry? Ever wondered where the tradition of wearing the sehra to matches started?

Song of the moment.

As always, there is some chance of divine intervention.

No, this is not Sydney.

Now, we know. Have always wondered what it was.

Well, she is not really crying at SCG, but she is trending on Twitter.

We told you, Go India Go was a not a great slogan. See Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma have gone now.The pessimists start trolling.

And optimists linger on

And everyone has a take on what Dhawan should have done right. Cricket is one thing we all know a lot about, the other thing is everything else.

Wow, now that is a thought worth more than a retweet.

#Some friendly banter from across the border is always welcome.

#How many of you know what Section 329 of the IPC stands for? “Voluntarily causing grievous hurt to extort property.” We are not suggesting anything, but yeah we do have the World Cup with us for the moment.

Team India, don’t worry. The stars are with you.

Dear Twitterati, are you sure Go India Go India Go makes for a good war cry when we are playing a crucial match away from home? It could be misinterpreted and we will be the first to regret. #JeetegaIndia is safer.

#As India give their first chance, this is what appears on Twitter.

That was a really quick lunch. We hope our boys have had their fill.

The line above denotes the break in coverage. (Yeah, we are trendsetters.) We will be back when the Indian innings start. You guys tweet away.

As the first innings comes to an, a India Tourism hashtag starts trending on Twitter. #GoIndia

That was fast. Kachra tweet this.

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Finally, the one player India wanted to see makes her appearance.

Everyone please go back to work in solidarity with Team India.

My Kher is in the wrong place at the right time.

People have figured out how to use the trending #IndvsAus hashtag to their advantage.

Yes, excused.

So someone said ‘Daya karo’ and this is what we ended up with

* Here is a bit of inside news. The number of readers on a story is directly proportional to how India is faring at any stage in a match. So there has been a huge jump in the number of readers on our real live story.

# Two wickets together and Indian fans start seeing a chance, not the 350+ target that Men in Blue will have to chase.

11.28 am: Any clue why #AusvsInd or #IndvsAus is not trending on Twitter today. There has to be a conspiracy.


11.17 am. Now prepare for a flurry of tweets on the fallen wicket. As if none of us have our television sets on. So who broke it first on @twitter?

Yeah, he has a point.

#Isn’t this shot illegal? I can’t even find a name for it.

#Our dear neighbours are also keenly following the match. Dawn is pushing the World Cup story as the lead on their website. Hard to say which team their readers are rooting for though.


# Couldn’t help feel good for bosses all over the country who will now have some hope of having some work done in the first half of the day at least as Australia has decided to toss the ball to the Indians. Not that we are expecting it to be a very productive day for companies other than Star Sports.

# Yes, we Indians do have a bit of a dirty mindset or are we too family centric? Why else would someone think up something like this?


All ye who are not watching the match beware, Darth Vader is trying to be Batman.

Express Opinion

Trust us to bring religion into everything. Hope you don’t mean the Australians are all Asuras?

Poor souls, feeling so sad for those who have to work today.

Aren’t we missing the ‘jaan main jaan dal de, bolte hi‘ commentator?


Meanwhile, the whole of Uttar Pradesh seems to be up in arms against the administration as, like most of the days, there is no power in most of the state even today.

Thank God, we don’t have much guns in India.

Trust the Virat Kohli on one-liners to think this one up. Kudos.

Yes, this had to be the low hanging fruit for all Meme creators.


This proves these guys have a boss who likes his cricket, and big screens.

Can’t overlook that fact that everyone is trying their bit at cricket commentary today. Twitter is the democratisation of our favourite game. Neville Cardus can squirm in his grave.

For the uninitiated, here is a bit of Cardus on the Bodyline series.

CardusBradman is reported to have fallen from grace because his average has fallen. His strokeplay has plainly been dazzling. Yet such is the modern conception of batsmanship, that a cricketer is supposed to be playing badly if he takes a chance and cracks the ball in the manner of J.T. Tyldesley. Bradman was the only Australian, I gather, really to counter-attack Larwood. He moved away to the leg-side and hit the ball audaciously to the unprotected off-side. As a consequence of this piece of superb resource, even his best friends accuse him of recklessness; indeed they say he ‘ran away’. But how on earth is any batsman going to tackle fast leg-side bowling (to a crowded leg-trap) unless he hits it to the off? And how can you hit leg bowling to the off-side unless you do move away and get on the proper side of it for the stroke?

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