Here are five fuel-sipping fun cars for summer

Here are five fuel-sipping fun cars for summer

Fuel prices in the domestic market are on the rise as the price of crude oil in global markets went up. But fun cars don't have to be thirsty. Here's a list of the top five engines that suit your wallet too.

Here are five fuel-sipping fun cars for summer
Higher oil prices significantly impact not just the economy but household budgets as well as it leads to increase in the cost of transportation. (Video grab/Oovvuu)

Plenty of cars suit the summer, but not many of them also suit your wallet. Here are five that won’t break the bank while providing fun in the sun.

Audi TT Ultra (60.1 MPG)
Fitting a diesel engine to a sporty coupe is certainly not traditional. But it makes for running costs and ample torque.

BMW 218D Convertible (54.3 MPG)
BMW’s diesel cars are some of the best in the market. So it is little surprise that the punchy 218D serves as a perfect summer economy car.

Ford Fiesta ST (55 MPG)
The 197BHP three-cylinder engine in the new ST is both perky and amazingly efficient.


Caterham Seven 160 (57.6 MPG)
With a frugal 660 cc engine and trademark lightness, this Caterham is thrifty fun.

Mazda MX-5 (47.1 MPG)
The MX-5 is a world-renowned source of pure driving fun. And luckily, its range of 1.5 and 2.0-litre motors are both sporty and sensible.