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Ravaged by Ebola and war, Congo named most neglected crisis of 2018

Congo, where 13 million people in a population of 82 million need help, also topped the annual Thomson Reuters Foundation poll in 2017, but agencies said the situation had deteriorated.

British schoolgirls at risk of FGM during Christmas break

An estimated 137,000 women and girls in England and Wales have undergone FGM. Many cases go unnoticed because they had happened at a young age and abroad, campaigners say.

UN says Rohingya refugee girls are being sold into forced labour in Bangladesh

"They are desperate to get out of the camps to make some money," Barua told the Thomson Reuters Foundation by phone from Cox's Bazar.

Child refugee arrivals on Greek islands soar, camp conditions dire – UN

More than 850 children arrived on Greek islands each month on average between January and August, up 32 percent on the same period last year, UNICEF said.

Venezuela’s crisis boosts trafficking risk for women, children – experts

"It's very difficult for Venezuelan migrants because they come across major illegal groups who take advantage of their vulnerability. We've heard several testimonies of the sexual exploitation and trafficking of women," an expert said.

Half the world’s schools lack clean water, toilets and handwashing: report

Almost 900 million children have to contend with a lack of basic hygiene facilities during their education, putting their health at risk and meaning some have to miss school.

Malaysia: Two muslim women to be caned for ‘attempting lesbian sex’

"The caning would be carried out within the court premise," prosecutor said. "Under the sharia rules, they will be whipped with a rattan cane on their back with their clothes on while they are seated."

Are the Caribbean’s wealthy new citizens a lifeline or a liability?

Grenada is one of a growing list of countries, including four others in the Caribbean, cashing in on a booming industry that offers citizenship or residency in return for investment as more people look for political and economic safe havens.

North Korea, Eritrea have highest rates of modern slavery: Report

The researchers also warned that consumers in affluent countries may be purchasing products manufactured using slave labour, including computers, mobile phones and clothing.

United Nations: Men with same-sex partners 28 times more likely to get HIV

Gay men and men who have sex with men remained most at risk of contracting HIV, along with female sex workers, drug users and transgender women, the Global Aids Update 2018 report noted.

Forced to walk miles, India water crisis hits rural women hardest

The task of fetching water for cleaning, cooking and washing falls on women. With women also tending the fields as men migrate to cities in search of jobs, the burden is even greater, said Nirja Bhatnagar, a regional head of the charity ActionAid.

Indian start-up wants to make attacks on women a ‘concern of the past’

The SAFER PRO is a tiny computer chip built into a wristband that sends alerts to emergency contacts, even in areas without cellular phone service.

Death by Diamonds | Suicides wipe the shine off India’s gem trade: Report

Families are reluctant to blame the diamond business, which employs over 1.5 million men - mainly from drought-prone parts of Saurashtra – for fear of losing work, with few other options.

Britain vows to end gay conversion therapy as survey reveals ‘burning injustices’

The United Nations said last month it wanted a global ban on the invasive therapy based on the idea that homosexuality is a mental disorder or medical condition.

Nigeria: Communal clashes leave 86 dead, curfew imposed

Deadly clashes between herders and farmers in central Nigeria are a growing security concern in Africa's most populous country, which is roughly split between Muslims in the north and Christians in the south.

US fashion firm responds to Melania Trump’s jacket with ‘I really care’ version

All proceeds from the jackets, selling for $98, will be donated to a Texas-based refugee and immigrant advocacy group

Climate change a ‘man-made problem with a feminist solution’, says UN rights commissioner

"Feminism doesn't mean excluding men, it's about being more inclusive of women and -in this case - acknowledging the role they can play in tackling climate change," UN rights commissioner Mary Robinson said.

Poverty forces Syrian refugee children into work

"A kid should be living a life of dignity and respect with no humiliation," he said.

Child sex tourism fueled by cheap travel, technology, says experts

Sex crimes against children are fueled by a sense of impunity and social tolerance that results in low conviction rates, said Najat Maalla M'jid, who chairs a global task force to end the sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism.

US: Foreign workers fall victim to human trafficking

US: Guest workers are often tied to one employer and can be deported if they change jobs or quit, making them vulnerable to traffickers who exploit their uncertain status, said the Washington-based non-profit Polaris.