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Singapore court to hear legal challenges on gay sex ban

Like many other former British colonies, Singapore has retained an old law that criminalizes gay sex, which was scrapped by India in a landmark court ruling last year to give a boost to LGBT+ rights.

US blocks import of goods from five nations in rare anti-slavery crackdown

Under a 2016 law, it is illegal to import goods into the United States that are made entirely or in part by forced labor - which includes prison work, bonded labor and child labor.

The revolution isn’t over’ say Sudan’s frontline female protesters

The protests were not in vain. Sudan's constitutional declaration - a key document which paves the way for civilian rulers to replace the military in three years' time - promises to guarantee and promote women's rights during the transition.

Vegetarian diets not always the most climate-friendly, researchers say

That is partly because raising dairy cows for milk, butter and cheese requires large amounts of energy and land, as well as fertilisers and pesticides to grow fodder, emitting greenhouse gases that are heating up the planet, the study said.

Village by village, the quest to stop female genital cutting in Somaliland

UN agency UNICEF estimates about 98 per cent of women aged 15 to 49 has undergone the procedure in the breakaway Islamic state of four million, which has operated independently of Somalia since 1991 but is not globally recognised as a country.

More deals, less conflict? Cross-border water planning key, report warns

Population growth, climate change, economic and agricultural expansion and deforestation are all placing greater pressures on the world's limited supplies of water, scientists say.

Homophobia seen rising in European countries without gay marriage

Most European countries saw a rise in acceptance of same-sex relationships between 2002 and 2016, according to Hungarian researchers who analysed results from the European Social Survey, carried out every two years.

Climate change will cripple economies regardless of countries’ wealth: report

Researchers who examined data from 174 countries over 50 years found that persistent temperature changes above or below a country's historical norm adversely affected economic growth, regardless of how warm a country is.

Explained: How Greta Thunberg’s climate strikes became a global movement in a year

Here is a timeline on how the "Fridays for Future" school strikes developed into a global movement and some of the controversies it has seen along the way.

Indonesia capital to move from Jakarta to Borneo: Joko Widodo

Moving the Indonesian capital could take up to 10 years and cost about $20 billion to $30 billion, according to government officials.

Former sex slave leads Uruguay’s first march against human trafficking

Ferrini, who said she was ensnared in forced street prostitution after her mother "sold" her, will join hundreds of campaigners in the streets of Montevideo where the most common human trafficking involves women and girls forced into sex work.

Nearly half a million people urge Indian government to declare a ‘climate emergency’

Inspired by teenage Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, 16-year-old student Aman Sharma launched a petition on in May after noticing that every successive year was getting hotter, drier, thirstier and more polluted

Nearly half a million people urge Indian govt to declare a ‘climate emergency’

Inspired by teenage Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, 16-year-old student Aman Sharma launched a petition on in May after noticing that every successive year was getting hotter, drier, thirstier and more polluted, he said.

After loss at sea, Venezuelan archbishop calls for trafficking probe

Archbishop Roberto Luckert in an open letter published on Facebook on Tuesday said the sinking of a boat carrying Venezuelan migrants to Trinidad and Tobago in April showed the dire consequences of trafficking.

Beyond shelter in a storm, Odisha eyes sturdier homes, power and trees

Around Odisha, more than half a million homes were damaged, close to 1.5 million trees uprooted, and much of its energy infrastructure was destroyed.

Explained: On World Environment Day, here’s how air pollution has gripped our planet

Household air pollution causes about 3.8 million premature deaths each year, the vast majority of them in the developing world, and about 60 per cent of those deaths are among women and children.

In climate change-hit Bangladesh, hospital boats keep healthcare afloat

These islands - known as chars in Bangladesh - are constantly changing shape as they erode and reform, a process that is quickening as a result of more extreme rainfall associated with climate change.

Climate change climbs up US voters’ list of concerns

It also comes as climate change is increasingly making headlines in the United States and abroad, with school strikes on Fridays now a regular occurrence and children filing lawsuits against authorities to demand more climate action.

World’s forests ‘in emergency room’ after years of losses

The rate of destruction in 2018 was lower than in the two previous years. It peaked in 2016 when about 17 million hectares of tropical forest were lost due partly to rampant forest fires, according to the World Resources Institute (WRI).

New environmental pact could face September vote, says UN official

Maria Fernanda Espinosa, who is nominally in charge of the 193-member body, said negotiations underway could soon produce a definitive text for the Global Pact for the Environment, which is supposed to plug holes left by prior treaties.