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Taking your baby for a stroller ride? Here are 6 safety tips to keep in mind

Never leave your child unattended in the stroller to avoid the risk of the infant leaning over or any other form of disbalance, causing the stroller to tip over. Also, keep older children at a distance from the stroller to ensure your baby's safety.

8 quotes on parenting by comedians that will make you laugh out loud

"Everyone should have kids. They are the greatest joy in the world, but they are also terrorists. You'll realise this as soon as they're born, and they start using sleep deprivation to break you."

Watch: What you need to teach children about food

"We, the adults of the last four generations, have blessed our children with the destiny of a shorter lifespan than their own parents. Your child will live a life 10 years younger than you because of the landscape of food that we've built around them."

6 habits parents need to give up for their child

Do you have any of these bad habits? Your children can easily pick up these, which might eventually affect their physical and mental well-being.

Prince William opens up about the ‘fear’ of having a baby

"It's very daunting how tiny they are when they first arrive. They are so fragile and everything's so tiny, their little fingers and toes, you do feel like if you move them around too much they're going to break almost but they don't!"

Karan Johar on being a single father: Don’t want my kids to feel incomplete

"Being a single parent is really very scary and daunting. In many ways, you could say that having Yash and Roohi is full of love but it is also a selfish decision. It's because I want that love for myself."

Yes, you can have sex during pregnancy

Doctors don't advise against sex during pregnancy, as long as there have been no complications with pregnancy in the past or present. But before having sex during the period, here are certain things you need to keep in mind.

Anne Hathaway is following Prince William-Kate’s parenting trick. Here’s how it helps

Anne Hathaway has started following the royal couple's practice of bending down to maintain eye contact with their children while speaking, she said in an interview. Do you know how it affects a child?

What is growing up with siblings like? These 12 lessons are so relatable

"If you don't want your older brothers to eat your food you've saved for later, ensure that they witness you licking the food all over before putting it in the fridge."

Happy Hug Day: 6 reasons you should hug your child daily

Hug Day 2019: According to researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, a person who receives a hug after a conflict shows lesser decrease in positive emotions. The study also concluded that hugs help reduce bad mood and stress, eventually keeping one happy.

If your child asks you about the period emoji, what do you say?

Children have access to smartphones from a very young age now. This means there are chances they might come across the period emoji, once introduced, and may also use it, perhaps, without even knowing what it stands for. Will the emoji encourage parents to talk about periods with their children?

Watch: Let’s teach for mastery, not test scores in math

In a traditional academic model, students are forced to learn at a common pace. In this talk, educator Sal Khan tells us how, in today’s world, on-demand videos and adaptive exercises enable them to learn at their own pace.

5 witty things Saif Ali Khan said about son Taimur

"My wife (Kareena Kapoor Khan) says, 'Don't be so cheap. You can't sell your son (Taimur)'. I am like, 'Why not? Let's sell him'. Seriously yaar, he is anyway there on the internet."

These 20 hilarious reasons toddlers threw tantrums will crack you up

Parents shared instances of the "most recent illogical breakdown" their toddlers have had on a viral online thread. And the reasons are bizarre!

6 children’s books where the lead characters are dyslexic

Here are six children's books with dyslexic protagonists who not only overcome their struggles but discover their true creativity and talent in the process.

Becoming a father? Check out these 12 pregnancy books for dads-to-be

Sleepless, confused and wondering how to help your partner through her pregnancy journey? These books can guide fathers-to-be through the nine months that matter, till you bring your baby home.

Rose Day 2019: Get your kids to make these DIY roses at home

Rose Day is held on February 7 to celebrate love. Help your child in making these DIY artificial roses of different colours at home.

Working mothers will relate to Anand Mahindra’s viral message on social media

Anand Mahindra took to social media to share an illustration that shows men and women, dressed in corporate attires, at the start line of a race. For men, the race track is clear; women in the illustration, however, are obstructed by household items.

‘6 out of 10 parents do not monitor the content kids view online’

About 54 per cent said they had not changed the password to their social media accounts in the past six months, while 31 per cent said they cannot even recall how long it had been since they had last changed their password.

Happy Birthday, Abhishek Bachchan: 5 times we appreciated the dad

Abhishek Bachchan turned 43 today. On his birthday, we take a look at how he spends time with his child Aaradhya and wife Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.