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Huawei’s European customers are put on hold by US ban

Europe has been one of Huawei’s biggest success stories. Now it is on the front line of the trade and technology war between China and the United States.

Facebook says it is more aggressively enforcing content rules

Facebook, facing withering criticism from governments around the world, said Thursday it has been more aggressive in recent months about scrubbing its platform of hate speech.

How the deprivation of Ramadan helps care for the spirit

Prayer, and any deep reflection, really, unlocks us from our mind’s prison. It’s an incarnation of death, too — a fundamental reminder to seek greater purpose in our individual lives. Even if it’s just every Ramadan, it’s a start.

A room without books is just very sad

Books can be aesthetic signifiers, colourful set pieces of sorts, their spines telegraphing a certain gravitas — or a certain playfulness, depending on how they’re arranged.

So what does Rihanna’s first Fenty collection actually look like?

Rihanna's design inspirations, she said, came from everywhere, particularly her journey as an immigrant, from Barbados to America and now London and Paris.

What’s first on the wedding planner? The dentist for some

Brides and grooms often come in together for whitening treatments, but couples aren’t the only ones looking to enhance smiles before the wedding.

Siri and Alexa Fuel Sexism, UN Finds

The report borrows its title — “I’d Blush if I Could” — from a standard response from Siri, the Apple voice assistant, when a user hurled a gendered expletive at it. When a user tells Alexa, “You’re hot,” her typical response has been a cheery, “That’s nice of you to say!”

Explained: The systemic problem of student debt in the US

Here are some answers to your questions about student debt, and a look at how the issue is increasingly a topic of debate in national politics.

Why not let children choose their own names?

Many parents have begun to follow their children’s lead when it comes to gender and identity. Now some are allowing their children to choose their own name, or to change their name as soon as they have a real preference.

Why Donald Trump can’t get enough of the Rose Garden

The Rose Garden, a 125-foot-long French-style garden, has in recent months become President Donald Trump’s preferred venue for public events at the White House, whether he is hosting athletes and world leaders, or pitching his own defeats as victories.

Trump activity raised red flag inside his bank

When Trump became president, he owed Deutsche Bank well over $300 million. That made the German institution Trump’s biggest creditor — and put the bank in a bind.

It was supposed to be Australia’s climate change election. What happened?

Overall, Australians shrugged off the warming seas killing the Great Barrier Reef and the extreme drought punishing farmers. What it could mean is that the world’s climate wars — already raging for years — are likely to intensify.

President Potty Mouth: Donald Trump masters the cuss

President Donald Trump has grown increasingly willing in recent months to say in public what most of his predecessors tried to keep behind closed doors.

Who is Robert Smith, the man paying off Morehouse Graduates’ loans?

It was just the latest substantial gesture from Smith, the richest black man in America, who until just a few years ago was practically unknown.

At this year’s French Open, its latest show court is one surrounded by greenhouses

The greenhouse court, officially named for the former French women’s singles champion Simonne Mathieu, is finished now.

Mel Gibson’s Rothchild movie? There are more bizarre films for sale at Cannes

Cannes Film Festival is an indisputable hub of glamour and spectacle, but it is also an occasion for haggling and dealmaking — a marketplace where merchants sometimes flaunt movies that haven’t been made yet, in the hope of drawing media attention and attracting film buyers.

She Said Yes. Fourteen Times.

Pushkine, 60, and Luykx, 63, met through Bumble in July 2016. Pushkine was married for 14 years to a restaurant manager while Luykx married his high school sweetheart when he was 20. The marriage lasted 19 years. He was married to his second wife for 14 years.

Stolen 1780 letter by Alexander Hamilton resurfaces at auction

Aside from its intrinsic historical value, the letter is likely worth more now because of Alexander Hamilton’s newfound prominence after “Hamilton” the musical, a pop-culture phenomenon, debuted on Broadway in 2015.

Hannibal Lecter creator (of The Silence of The Lambs fame) comes up with new book

Hannibal Lecter became an unlikely pop-culture phenomenon with Harris’ 1988 novel, “The Silence of the Lambs,” about an FBI trainee named Clarice Starling who visits Hannibal in prison and seeks his advice as she tracks a serial killer.

War with Iran? Count us out, Europe says

Initially, not even pro-American Britain would go along with President Donald Trump’s administration, with officials defending a senior British general in the coalition fighting the Islamic State who said that there was no enhanced threat from Iran in Iraq and Syria.