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A black group says Mardi Gras blackface honors tradition. Others call it ‘disgusting.’

Vaz-Deville predicted that the new debates would have little affect on the club, whose king proclaims each year that citizens shall endeavor to make merry and “not confuse Mardi Gras with other issues.”

McCabe says justice department officials had discussions about pushing Trump out

McCabe was fired because of statements he made to the Justice Department inspector general as part of an examination of FBI actions in 2016.

Europe’s middle class is shrinking. Spain bears much of the pain.

While middle-class households are more prevalent in Europe than in the United States — around 60 per cent, compared with just over 50 per cent in America — they face unprecedented levels of vulnerability.

US withdrawal from Syria forces its allies to face return of Islamic State detainees

Most of those detainees’ home countries have been looking the other way, despite the Kurds’ pleas to relieve them of that burden.

Trumps scuttle plan for hotels, blaming politics

As Eric Trump and his brother Donald Jr. downsize the Trump Organization’s hotel ambitions, the president has lamented the toll that elected office has taken on the company.

Amazon pulls out of planned New York City headquarters

Amazon on Thursday canceled its plans to build an expansive corporate campus in New York City after facing an unexpectedly fierce backlash from lawmakers, progressive activists and union leaders.

A photographer who makes you ask, ‘What has happened here?’

In his most recent series, Palm Springs, Olaf outfits his models in 1960s clothing and hairstyles and then sets them in contexts that didn’t exist at that time. A mother and daughter picnic in the California desert, for example, gazing out across a vast field of wind turbines first built in the 1980s.

19-year-old pregnant British woman who joined ISIS in Syria wants to come home

The woman, Shamima Begum, faces an uncertain future, with no clear answers about how she would get home to east London, or about whether Britain would try to prosecute her for terrorist offenses if she did.

Trump will declare a national emergency. What happens next?

Democrats are fuming, and many members of Trump’s party are uneasy about the precedent that such a declaration will set. Lawmakers seeking to block the president have two paths — one in Congress, the other in the courts.

US Senate confirms William Barr as Attorney General

Divided over whether to accept his assurances, the Senate voted largely along party lines, 55-45, to confirm Barr. Trump was expected to swear him in at the Oval Office later Thursday.

Trump plans national emergency to build border wall as Senate passes spending bill

The announcement of Trump's decision came just minutes before the Senate voted 83-16 to advance the spending package in anticipation of final passage Thursday night by the House.

Congress expected to swiftly pass border deal to prevent shutdown

The Senate will vote first on the legislation, which includes the seven remaining bills to keep the final quarter of the government open through the end of September.

Trump’s task: Saving face at the border

The agreement that lawmakers produced this week would allocate $1.375 billion for fencing along the border, even less than was on the table at one point last year.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Online dating scams cost Americans $143 mn

No other type of scam wreaked as much financial havoc as those rooted in romance.

US revives secret program to sabotage Iranian missiles and rockets

Even before Trump withdrew last May from the nuclear accord, Brig. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, the head of Iran’s missile program, accused U.S. and allied intelligence agencies of turning their campaigns of “infiltration and sabotage” to Iran’s missile complex from its atomic infrastructure.

Africa’s black panthers emerge from a century in the shadows

There have been a few reported observations of this species in Africa, but, until now, only one had been confirmed, in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, in 1909.

The $89,000 verdict tearing Japan and South Korea apart

Though the two nations have bickered for decades over their painful shared history, the current falling-out may be one of the most serious yet. And it comes as the Trump administration is seen in the region as inattentive and unwilling to act as mediator.

Unmistakable divide among women in Virginia over accusations against Fairfax

The allegations “against our Lieutenant Governor are credible and extremely serious and it is why my colleagues and I have called for him to step down,” the talking points said.

‘Gay Muslim’ comic strip vanishes after Indonesia calls it pornographic

The Instagram account first appeared in January with the tagline 'Gay Muslim comics for people who are able to think.'

Paul Manafort found to have lied to prosecutors while under cooperation agreement

After Manafort agreed in September to cooperate with the office of special counsel Robert Mueller, the judge found, he lied about his contacts with a Russian associate during the campaign and after the election.