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Supreme Court hears plea today by 21 parties seeking VVPAT verification of 50% votes

The plea said the apex court had in its 1975 judgment in Indira Nehru Gandhi vs Raj Narain held that free and fair elections were a part of the basic structure of the Constitution.

Astrobatrachus Kurichiyana: Frog species, millions of years old, newly found in Ghats

A tiny frog species has been identified for the first time in the Western Ghats. What makes the “starry dwarf frog” significant is that it is millions of years old but had evaded attention until now.

Fact Check: How does autopilot match up to a (good) pilot?

Investigators believe pilots of the Lion Air B737 MAX 8 weren’t fully conversant with the plane’s automated systems. The aircraft in the Ethiopian crash was a Boeing of the same make.