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To save Taj, Rope in international experts: Ashwani Kumar

Parliamentary Standing Committee on Science and Technology, and Environment and Forests, recently visited Agra to witness the restoration work at Taj.

Valentine’s Day cards: for World Cup 2015

V-day cards that show you how to send Valentine’s Day wishes using the language of cricket.

Express LOL: Tribute to Royal Rumble 2015 winner Roman Reigns

Maybe we don’t all know as much about this upcoming phenom. Here are a few fun facts you might have missed.

Express LOL: Six things you didn’t know about AB de Villiers

Express LOL, as always, digs deeper. Here are some fun facts about 2015’s Master Blaster.

6 things the PK crew can do with the Rs 300 crore it has earned

Here are 6 things the crew of PK can do with Rs 300 crores:

Birthday gift ideas for the Queen of Bollywood Deepika Padukone, from Express LOL

Today, Deepika Padukone turns 29, and all the world wishes her a Happy Birthday.

The Express LOL tribute to Mahendra Singh Dhoni

In typical over the top helicopter style, here is our Express LOL tribute to the man. Thank you, MSD.

In 2014 we discovered what our ancestors discovered, what’s up for 2015

Did the Wright Brothers get the idea of flight from the Amar Chitra Katha version of the Ramayan.

Express LOL: In 2015, will Rohit Shetty cast the Nokia 1100 as his top hero?

We think that leading actors have become too predictable, too similar. Rohit Shetty, will introduce a fresh face in 2015. Introducing the Nokia 1100!

Express LOL: The tongue in cheek review of PK

After that transistor radio poster, the film had a lot to live up to.

The Express LOL tribute to Salman Khan as ‘Bigg Boss’ host

In honour of his time on Bigg Boss, Express LOL presents a set of thank you cards for Salman Khan.

8 creative ideas to make India drug free

We need something different and creative. Here are 8 ideas that will work for sure.

Express LOL: How Rajinikanth celebrated his 64th birthday

Check how Rajinikanth celebrated his 64th birthday only at Express LOL!

AAI to SpiceJet: furnish R200 cr bank guarantee on dues

DGCA plans to issue notice on bookings, however the airline continued to take advance bookings, even for dates in 2015.

Express LOL: Seven people who will definitely NOT be TIME Person of the Year

What everyone isn’t talking about is who will definitely NOT win the award. Here are some possible nominations.

Express LOL: Action Jackson tongue in cheek review

Catch the Action Jackson tongue in cheek review only at Express LOL!

Six celebrities who might be slapped next

Here is a list of the celebrities who might be slapped next:

EXPRESS LOL: What did Sharif and Modi really say to each other?

No one knows what they might have said, but we think we can guess:

Express LOL: Why Lionel Messi is God

We think that the time has come to deify Messi. Here are 7 facts that should conclusively prove that he is, indeed, divine.

Express LOL: Here’s how India can save itself from Ebola

Here are 6 great ideas to tackle Ebola in India. Alert: Don't take them seriously...