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Explained: What explains the spike in tiger attacks in Brahmapuri?

Six people were killed in the human-animal conflict in 2016-17, and nine in 2017-18. In 2018-19, tiger, leopard, and wild boar attacks killed seven, four, and three people respectively.

Explained: What are Masala Bonds, where can these be issued

While companies can raise funds through these bonds, there are limitations for the use of such proceeds.

Explained: What is the new patch acquired by Abhinandan’s squadron

Fighter flying is a high adrenaline action which puts the pilot on an edge and patches are something that sustains and improve that edge.

CBSE Class X — KVs outdo JNVs, govt schools improve by miles

Among the key takeaways were the Kendriya Vidyalayas outperforming the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas, and a huge improvement in the performance of government schools.

May Fourth: A centenary that makes China both proud and nervous

What was the movement of May Fourth, and why does China's government feel compelled to underline the supremacy of the party on its centenary?

Explained: Chinese firm Huawei, and the leak that has claimed a UK minister’s job

Governments across the world have long been suspicious of Huawei. The United States government has banned the company from its network, and advised its allies in the Five Eyes intelligence alliance -- the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada -- to do the same.

Explained: Why the attack in Gadchiroli is significant

Of late, the narrative that has been pushed in Maharashtra is that the state has asserted control over the district, manifested in the huge success in the April 2018 encounter that left 38 alleged Maoists dead. Wednesday's attack could be read as having broken that narrative.

Telling Numbers: Dead will outnumber living on Facebook in 50 years, analysis finds; highest count in India

If Facebook continues to expand at current rates, however, the number of deceased users could reach as high as 4.9 billion before the end of the century.

Explained: The significance of Mayawati, Mulayam Singh Yadav sharing a stage

The history of the bad blood between Mulayam and Mayawati is linked inextricably to the infamous “guest house” incident that took place in Lucknow on June 2, 1995, and turned the SP and BSP into sworn enemies, seemingly to never come together again.

Explained: Where Jallianwala Bagh stands in India’s freedom struggle

Jallianwala Bagh massacre: On April 13, a furious General Dyer ordered his troops to fire at an innocent, unarmed crowd, which had gathered for a public meeting in defiance of orders banning public assemblies.

Explained: How Julian Assange landed in Ecuadorian embassy, how his situation changed

Ecuador formally accepted his request for asylum in August 2012. Assange had been living in the Ecuadorian embassy in London ever since -- until his arrest on Thursday.

Explained: Setback for govt, SC order brings Rafale deal back in the picture

On the basis of these documents, the petitioners had sought a review of the Supreme Court's December 14, 2018 judgment that had rejected the plea for an investigation into allegations of corruption in the deal.

Explained: Sedition, Defamation, AFSPA laws that Congress wants to repeal or amend

The manifesto promises to repeal or amend laws like Sedition, Defamation and AFSPA.

Explained: Why Mayawati has opted out of the LS race

Had Mayawati contested the coming Lok Sabha elections, the BJP would have marshalled all resources to confine her to her seat, essentially wrecking her plans to campaign across the state and address joint election rallies with the leaders of the SP and RLD.

AAP in Delhi: vote share up & up, with or without seats

In 2014, AAP improved to 33% but the BJP jumped to 47% and swept all 7 Lok Sabha seats. In 2015, AAP shot up to 54% to sweep 67 of the 70 Assembly seats.

Explained: Who are the al-Shabaab, currently in the middle of a terror attack in Somalia?

Al-Shabaab has imposed a strict Wahhabi version of Islam in the areas under its control, and its fighters have stoned to death women accused of adultery, and punished alleged thieves by cut off their limbs.

Explained: The importance of the two leaves to AIADMK factions

Before 2017, the two leaves symbol had been frozen once earlier -- in December 1988 -- at the time of another crisis and split in the AIADMK after the death of M G Ramachandran.

Explained: What the conviction of Gurmeet Ram Rahim means for the Dera and politics in the region

In Punjab, the Dera supported the Congress in the 2007 Assembly polls. In 2012, however, it chose to remain neutral, and followers were left to decide on their own. In the 2014 Haryana Assembly elections, however, the Dera came out in full support of the BJP.

Disruptions cut into Winter Session productivity: Sixth of LS time lost in this Parliament

In its report, PRS Legislative Research said the productivity of Lok Sabha during the session was 46%, and that of Rajya Sabha, 26%.

Explained: Why CJI Gogoi has nominated Justice Sikri on committee to decide CBI chief’s powers

The CJI's decision to recuse himself from being part of the Committee is based on the circumstances of the case. The CJI himself authored the judgment on the judicial side and passed specific directions in the matter.