Forty years ago, January 23, 1979: Charan Singh

Forty years ago, January 23, 1979: Of the four ministers of state who had resigned in protest against Charan Singh’s exit from the government, three will come back.

Bigotries unchecked

UP MLA’s comments on Mayawati, silence of BJP leadership, show that coarsening of discourse goes to the top, runs deep

Magic box

Rapid DNA analysis is coming to the aid of police forces, but strong regulatory juju is needed to prevent black magic

Congress, like BJP

In Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot government imitates its predecessor’s rhetoric — and blind spots — on the cow

Forty years ago, January 22, 1979: Bank strike over

The representatives of the bankmen had agreed to give up non-cooperation and restore normalcy in the functioning of the banks. About 4 lakh bank workers started their agitiation — “work-to-rule and no overtime” — from December 15.

Misreading Northeast

BJP’s framing of Citizenship (Amendment) Bill as the unfinished agenda of Partition is misconceived and dangerous

Question of answers

Opposition alliance in-the-making cannot kick issues of post-poll leadership and agenda down the road

Digital offerings

#10YearChallenge makes it clear that privacy concerns are no match for a well-timed hashtag

Angels and demons

Leaning on start-ups to boost tax collections is short-sighted. Government must create the enabling climate for them.

Plough’s share

Subsidy for crop insurance is preferable to fertiliser, power or farm credit. But Centre should bear the full cost for the scheme.

Due closure

Meghalaya’s rat-hole mining requires urgent intervention. But it is also clear that bans do not work.

After the eclipse

Chandamama’s decline mirrored the advent of mass-market entertainment. Children’s literature is now set for better times.

The right step

The Maharashtra government must not raise spurious arguments to subvert the SC directive on Mumbai dance bars.

Forty Years Ago, January 19, 1979: Gujarat Stonepelters

Forty Years Ago, January 19, 1979: The situation in the troubled areas of Ahmedabad remained quiet but tense indicating that the worst is possibly over after three days of violence during which two persons were killed in police firing, The Indian Express reported.

Forty Years Ago, January 18, 1979: Janata Crisis Wanes

The Indian Express' front page on January 18, 1979

Mayday over Brexit

British prime minister survives trust vote, but needs to build a broad coalition to win parliamentary support for a revised deal

Federal imbalance

The order to involve the UPSC in the selection of state police chiefs violates the principles of federalism

Cinema paradiso

Srinagar is set get its first multiplex. The return of the silver screen is welcome

Shadow games

The bickering in Karnataka is poor advertisement for coalition governments ahead of the general election

Skill deficit

The dots between poor learning outcomes and unemployment need to be joined. ASER report should lead to such an endeavour