Budget revisited

FM’s announcements signal government’s willingness to respond to ground reality. But long-term impact remains to be seen.

One-sided bout

Opposition protests on abrogation of Article 370 frame the incoherence within its own ranks.

Failure to boom

The gun salute at Jagannath Mishra’s cremation was a damp squib, and he went silent into that night.

August 24, 1979, Forty Years Ago: Punish The President

The Reserve Bank of India has announced several measures to achieve the objective of controlling the increase in bank credit with a view to combating inflationary trends in the economy.

Stateless in Assam

State government needs to frame a plan to address the fears of those excluded from the NRC

The biscuit crumbles

Food for thought: Never before have Marie and Parle G served as markers of an economic slowdown

Forty Years Ago, August 23, 1979: Lok Sabha Dissolved

The Indian Express' front page on August 23, 1979

Contain the crisis

Government must create the framework for a quick and orderly resolution of financial firms

Only due process

Case against P Chidambaram must proceed strictly according to the law, and must be seen to do so too

Privacy rights, wrongs

In hearing clutch of petitions concerning Aadhaar and social media, Supreme Court must be guided by its own ruling

Man vs Time

Jagannath Mishra was the last stalwart from a time when Bihar could conceive of an upper-caste Congressman as CM

August 22, 1979, Forty Years Ago: Fresh Elections

This is the front page of The Indian Express published on August 22, 1979.

Forty Years Ago, August 21, 1979: Charan Govt Resigns

The Indian Express' front page on August 21, 1979

Music of the soul

Composer Khayyam’s oeuvre is a rare combination of originality and versatility

Uncertainty ahead

Despite an imminent US-Taliban ‘peace agreement’, no light is visible at the end of the long Afghan tunnel

Spending limits

Centre needs to re-evaluate its expenditure priorities. States should have the autonomy to decide on theirs

Forty Years Ago: August 20, 1979

The resignations of the Janata ministers were handed over to the chief minister, Parkash Singh Badal, by the state Janata president, Yagya Dutt Sharma this afternoon.

This isn’t cricket

The relentless jeering of Steve Smith showed a mirror to the dark underside of the game

A new playbook

Defence Minister’s remarks on no-first-use signal to Pak, China, that old rules constraining India in Kashmir don’t hold

Wrong calls

Phone tapping controversy in Karnataka reveals absence of checks and balances in state’s political and police systems