May 24, 1979, Forty Years Ago

Religious freedom O P Tyagi’s “Freedom of Religion Bill” could become “a potent means of harassing honest persons exercising no more than their fundamental right in regard to the profession, practice and propagation of their religion”. These are the words in which the Minorities Commission has condemned the Bill. The Commission has been in touch […]

Agenda No 1

State of the economy was not a defining issue in the election. But Modi government can use its mandate to prioritise it

A remarkable victory, a great responsibility

A victory of this magnitude speaks of an appeal that has breached vote banks and also drawn into its fold the aspirational and the poor

May 23, 1979, Forty Years Ago: Police protest

The Planning Commission was asked to work out a rational price structure for kerosene, high-speed diesel oil and petrol.

Arunachal omen

The murder of a legislator ahead of assembly poll results raises the spectre of renewed militancy in the region.

Shooting the machine

Whoever wins and loses today must know the EVM did not do it. It is futile — and dangerous — to target the rules of the game.

After the Game

The final season of ‘Game of Thrones’ has fans fuming. Perhaps they are being unkind.

Power under pressure

High AT&C losses, inadequate tariff hikes, continue to pose challenges to discoms.

No laughing matter

H D Kumaraswamy threatens legislation against media satire. His peevishness would be comical if it wasn’t disturbing.

Try respect

Amid jingoistic taunts and military escalation, Iran’s foreign minister offers Donald Trump sound diplomatic advice.

May 22, 1979, Forty Years Ago: Rice price politics

Sanjay Gandhi and R K Trikha, who came to appear in the court of the Special Judge (Anti-corruption), were arrested along with more than 200 supporters for defying Section 144.

Forty Years Ago: May 21, 1979

Speaking at the chief ministers’ conference in Delhi, Prime Minister Morarji Desai bowed to the states’ plea for a review of the existing rates of additional excise duties levied on textiles, tobacco and sugar in lieu of the sales tax as well as for a review of the grant-in-aid in lieu of the railway passenger tax.

The tenth life

Grumpy Cat, who brought the world joy in a troubled decade, has gone to the hereafter. Her frown will be sorely missed

Ripples of a crisis

The RBI needs to urgently address the liquidity issues plaguing the NBFC sector

Dutee’s sprint

She shows how breezily revolutions can become real, how easy it is to speak of ‘the love that cannot be named’

Masala for thought

Spate of borrowings by sub-sovereign entities highlights the potential risk of rising contingent liabilities of many states.

Monitor’s test

Polling over, EC needs to urgently address crisis within, allay apprehensions about weakening of its hard-won independence.

A merrier game

AirBadminton could rope in a new demographic, let some fresh air and fun into the court.

BJP’s Sadhvi test

Party may have sent her a show cause notice. But it is Sadhvi who has posed a question to BJP on its nationalism.

10 years later

Sri Lanka is still to take steps towards reconciliation and accountability, a decade after the LTTE’s defeat.