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Turkey denies scrapping Russia S-400 missile deal after US pressure

Turkey has been under pressure from the United States to walk away from a deal with Russia to buy its S-400 air defense system. The US fears that the deal could undermine the NATO military alliance.

Wikileaks source Chelsea Manning freed from jail on contempt charge – for now

Former US military intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning has been released from a Virginia jail where she was being held for refusing to testify before a grand jury. However, her freedom looks likely to be short-lived.

Bad food choices killing more people than tobacco, researchers warn

Are we eating ourselves to death? Researcher Stefan Lorkowski sat down with DW to set a few things straight about the effect the food we put in our pie holes is having on our bodies. And it's not good.

World agrees on first global commitment to curb single-use plastics

Nations have agreed to "significantly" curb items such as plastic bags and straws by 2030. Environmentalist groups warn the measures don't go far enough, with the US reportedly blocking efforts for more radical action.

Venezuela releases German journalist Billy Six from jail

Six had traveled to the region to report on the crisis in Venezuela. Over the past two years Venezuela has been plagued by violent protests against acting President Nicolas Maduro's attempt to consolidate political power and the worsening economic situation.

Russia releases coin commemorating annexation of Crimea

Five years after annexing Crimea, Russia's central bank celebrated with a new five-ruble coin. The Kerch Strait Bridge, finished last year, has been a scene of division.

How millions of ‘dirty dollars’ were laundered out of Venezuela

Starting in 2014, members of the country's elite and public officials embezzled more than $1 billion from Venezuela's state-owned oil company. The scheme exploited the country's foreign exchange system.

Memes could be filtered out by EU copyright law

Experts warn about EU law which could change the architecture of the internet, forcing websites to install flawed and expensive filters that would block satirical content like memes and lead to digital monopolisation.

E-cigarettes can cause heart attacks, vascular diseases and depression: Study

A US study shows that e-cigarettes are harmful, with vapers risking heart disease and depression. But conventional cigarettes are even more dangerous.

Why do airplanes stall and why is it so dangerous?

Again and again, airplanes crash because of a sudden stall. When sensors provide incorrect data on the angle of attack and speed, pilots or computers make the wrong decisions.

The science of migratory birds

As spring begins we can hear the birds returning from winter. But why do they migrate? Are they coming back early this year? And why are they so loud?

If you’re worried about your eyesight, it’s not screens you need to fear

Computers, tablets, phones, TVs — surely the hours spent staring at these screens are somehow affecting our eyesight. But where's the science, and can "computer glasses" really help? DW asked an expert.

‘Drawing Europe Together’: Illustrators against Brexit

How do you illustrate the idea of Europe? A book project initiated by Gruffalo-creator Axel Scheffler collects 45 works of artists who feel the UK should not leave the EU.

Nigeria’s postponed vote: What happens now?

As the dust settles on Nigeria's postponed general election, Nigerians have expressed their frustration with the electoral commission. But many are still optimistic their voices will be heard.

Bundesliga: Borussia Dortmund slip up once again with draw to Nuremberg

Borussia Dortmund's poor recent form continued as they could only draw 0-0 with bottom-placed Nuremberg in the Bundesliga. It leaves them just three points clear of title rivals Bayern Munich and winless in five matches.

Sexy Siri, you made a fool of everyone

Smart speaker technology, by the same token, is its own version of purity, neutral to most social issues including feminism, so the technology is steeped in bias, unconscious or otherwise.

A safer internet and the stupid things we do online

You don't have to be savvy to be safe online. Just sensible. Avoid doing these 5 things, ranked by their increasing stupidity.

French tourist arrested for flying drone over Myanmar parliament

The French embassy in Myanmar said it was working with local police to provide consular services for the man, identified by police as 27-year-old Arthur Desclaux. He was still in detention in Naypyidaw and his family has been contacted.

Kim Jong, Moon Jae-In aim for end of war: Hand in hand into no man’s land

The two Korean brother states approach each other in a demonstrative and cordial manner. More important than the agreed measures, however, is that years of silence have come to an end, says DW's Alexander Freund.

Opinion: Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron embody a two-speed EU

Germany and France are the drivers of European Union integration. But Chancellor Angela Merkel could struggle if she tries keeping up with President Emmanuel Macron's breakneck reform agenda, says DW's Jens Thurau.