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April 5, 1979, Forty Years Ago

Many world leaders, including US President Jimmy Carter and Soviet President Leonid Brezhnev, had sent mercy appeals to Zia on behalf of Bhutto.

Forty Years Ago: February 7, 1979

Prime Minister Morarji Desai and the External Affairs Minister A B Vajpayee declined to comment on the Pakistan Supreme Court verdict on Mr Bhutto. “It is their internal affair and I do not want to interfere,” Desai said.


Gandhis, like the Bhuttos

A similar tale of dynasty and power unfolds on both sides of the border.

The collapse of the Shimla Accord

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto reneged on his commitment to Indira Gandhi much earlier than some had anticipated.

The sultans of Pakistan

How a few wealthy dynasties dominate the nation’s politics, and get even richer.

The Woman Who Wouldn’t Give Up

Fatima Bhutto on her first novel,learning to struggle in Pakistan and the cathartic effect of fiction.


‘Can’t afford a war over Kashmir’

Four wars have already been fought on the Kashmir issue and the region still “was a flashpoint”,but in the 21st century “we cannot afford wars”,Gilani said.

Letters from the darkest hour

Nehru’s requests to JFK,the day before the Chinese unilateral ceasefire,show he knew what military support from the US would imply.

Zardari vows to wage ‘100-yr ideological war’ over Kashmir

President Asif Ali Zardari has said that Pakistan is ready to wage a thousand-year war with India over the Kashmir dispute.

Underestimating India

The origins of many a war in history remain disputed to this day. The 1965 War between India and Pakistan,however,has the unique...