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19 amphibian species critically endangered: Zoological Survey of India

According to IUCN, critically endangered species are the ones that are facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild.

Once upon a time...extinct Siwalik elephants, African lions roamed Bengal

ZSI to carry out zoo-archaeological expeditions in order to find out more details of extinct species.


Hole in La Marts wall spits out two dozen 'fossilised' birds' bones

The Zoological Survey of India suggested that the remains,discovered late on Monday,may be of a species of crows.

Birds give Raiganj sanctuary a miss,ZSI to probe why

Alarmed over a sudden decline in number of migratory birds that visit the Raiganj Wildlife Sanctuary,the state forest department has asked the Zoological Survey of India to carry out a study on its cause.

‘Hyena’ sighted,scare in Moshi

An animal that looked similar to hyena was spotted in Boradi Vasti,Moshi,on Thursday,sparking panic in the area for around two hours.

After blackbuck skin seized,officials probe Kolkata nexus

After the Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) report confirming the skin displayed at a Sreeleathers showroom in Kolkata was one of a blackbuck...