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Monday, August 10, 2020



Zomato introduces 10 days 'period leave' for employees

August 08, 2020 10:23 pm

In a note for the male employees in the blog, Zomato Founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal said, "Our female colleagues expressing that they are on their period leave shouldn't be uncomfortable for us".

Can cloud kitchens rescue restaurants?

August 06, 2020 7:29 pm

By embracing delivery-only services, the hospitality sector is expanding its options to stay in business

Hit by coronavirus, online aggregators create new revenue streams

May 31, 2020 8:17 am

The COVID-19 pandemic and its after effects have hit online aggregators hard, particularly those depending on hospitality segments such as hotels, restaurants and air travel.

Amazon to Swiggy: How delivery platforms are slowly bouncing back to normal

May 24, 2020 9:00 am

COVID-19 lockdown: Food delivery and e-commerce platforms were one of the worst affected during the lockdown, due to the restrictions on the movement of goods in every part of the country.

Zomato, Swiggy start alcohol delivery; here are the details

May 22, 2020 12:17 pm

Swiggy, Zomato have started delivering alcohol in Jharkhand. More states to follow.

Lockdown squeeze, work-from-home: several companies vacate office space

May 20, 2020 7:28 am

Food-tech platform Zomato, which recently asked 13 per cent of its workforce to search for new jobs, has also decided to shut 125 of over 150 offices worldwide. Its rival Swiggy has decided to lay off 1,100 people, in addition to scaling down on kitchen facilities and office infrastructure.

What will restaurants look like after COVID-19?

May 16, 2020 9:48 pm

The hospitality sector is opening up to new protocols on hygiene and contactless deliveries, but the lockdown presents an opportunity to address deeper, long-existing issues.

Zomato asks about 13% staff to start looking for jobs as firm foresees ‘not enough work’

May 16, 2020 12:01 pm

The country’s restaurant industry by itself is staring at an estimated 7.3 million jobs on the line, with its challenges ranging from supplies to labour, skilled and semi-skilled, real estate to credit, overheads and utilities, delivery commissions and rental contracts.

Zomato wants to start home delivery of liquor amid lockdown

May 08, 2020 10:51 am

"We believe that a technology-enabled home delivery based solution can promote responsible consumption of alcohol," Mohit Gupta, Zomato's CEO for food delivery, wrote in a business proposal to ISWAI.

5 tips to get an early delivery slot for your next online grocery shopping

April 29, 2020 7:19 pm

Today we will discuss some tips you must follow to get a slot and order the daily essential items including everyday groceries, vegetables, fruits when you actually need it.