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Not so alarming, revise Zika alert: India to CDC

Research by scientists at the Indian Council of Medical Research have shown that the Zika strains in India are less virulent than in Brazil and are not associated with microcephaly.

Vaccine against Zika long elusive, here is why scientists see new hope

This week, two teams have separately reported vaccines they have or may have identified, one of these with the promise of overcoming what has been seen as a possible stumbling block so far.


Zika alert in India: How the virus affects pregnancy and fetal development

Among the common symptoms for the disease, as per World Health Organisation, are "mild fever, skin rash, headache, muscle and joint pain and inflammation of the underside of the eyelid". People, however, may or may not show symptoms of the disease, like fever, cough and cold, Dr Sushma Tomar, Consultant Obstretician and Gynaecologist, Fortis Hospital, Kalyan, told Express Parenting.

Six new antibodies developed to combat Zika

The antibodies "may have the dual utility as diagnostics capable of recognising Zika virus subtypes and may be further developed to treat Zika virus infection," said Ravi Durvasula from Loyola University in the US.

Rajasthan remains on alert as Zika virus cases rise to 117

The discovery of eight new cases in the state capital comes at a time when health department in the poll-bound state constituted a five-member committee to investigate, examine and track the outbreak of Zika virus cases in pregnant women during the initial trimester.

Zika cases rise to 100 in Rajasthan, Centre sends ICMR team to Jaipur

The disease is under surveillance of the Union Health Ministry although it is no longer a Public Health Emergency of International Concern under WHO notification since November 18, 2016.


Mothers of babies afflicted by Zika fight poverty, despair

In northeastern Brazil, we spoke with nearly 30 mothers who contracted the Zika virus during pregnancy. Most of them have been abandoned by their husbands and must care for their children alone.

Zika in Africa: Rare birth defect on the rise in Angola

In Angola, the journey of such mothers is just beginning. There is no public health program to help the children, who need regular physical therapy and other care.

Explained: How Zika spreads, and harms

In India’s first large outbreak, 80 infected in Jaipur. A look at how the virus spreads and the big risk it involves.

Jaipur: 10 more Zika virus cases detected

Most of the cases were detected in the Shastri nagar area, where fogging and other anti-larvae activities are being carried out to prevent the spread of the virus. The first case had surfaced on September 22.

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Zika virus: Heartwarming portraits of mother and child

Portraits of Brazilian mothers and their children, born with microcephaly.

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Brazil: Zika outbreak may get worse before it gets better, says WHO chief

Director General of the World Health Organization Margaret Chan spoke at a press conference in Rio de Janeiro, on Wednesday, during her official visit to Brazil to assess the situation regarding the country’s Zika outbreak. During the press conference, Chan offered a warning that the Zika outbreak might deteriorate further, “Things may get worse before […]