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Nextdoor Nepal: The foreign hand

But Nepal’s leaders cannot escape accountability for failing to deliver the constitution.

Exiled from the hills

Subash Ghising squandered his gains, but nobody denies his legacy.


Nextdoor Nepal: An undemocratic hurry

Nepal may get a constitution after all — but without due process and debate.

The need to include

The legitimacy of the constitutional process might be questioned in the absence of the breakaway Maoist party.

Comrades at war

Another split in the Maoist party is likely to impact the constitution-making process.

Not their idea of Nepal

Why the UN and Western donor states seem unhappy about the electoral outcome.


Defeated,not subdued

Despite electoral rout,Maoists are trying to wrest control of governance.

The old guard returns

Early results and trends show parties contesting on radical and ethnic platforms have lost. However,the losers’ rejection of the results does not bode well for the new Constituent Assembly.

The vote,at last

But the mere holding of an election may not offer a solution to Nepal’s instability.

Neighbourly concern

India and China are becoming deeply invested in Nepal’s future and its upcoming elections.