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Here's how to watch videos on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube offline

Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube TV Shows, Movies Videos Download: Here's how to download and watch videos, TV shows and movies from YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos when you do not have Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

Facebook, YouTube blindsided by mosque shooter's live video

Facebook Inc are facing harsher scrutiny after a shooter accused of killing 49 people in two mosques in New Zealand appeared to livestream the murders over the internet.


'Authoritative news sources to get better play on YouTube'

Initiatives taken by YouTube have resulted in a 3X growth in watch time for content for authoritative sources, said Tim Katz, the video platform’s director of news partnerships.

YouTube Premium, YouTube Music come to India: From pricing to playlists, here is everything you need to know

YouTube has launched YouTube Premium, YouTube Originals and YouTube Music were launched globally last June.

YouTube bans comments on videos of young children to try block predators

YouTube has struggled to keep up with paedophiles’ sometimes subtle methods for leaving suggestive remarks on videos of children.

IT Ministry asks YouTube to remove video links of IAF pilot

The ministry had asked YouTube to remove the clips following directive from the Home Ministry, a government source said, adding that the said links have now been removed.


YouTube reaches out to advertisers as AT&T, Hasbro Halt spending

YouTube has seen major boycotts by advertisers in the past, such as when ads appeared next to violent terrorist content, but companies have generally come back to the platform after public concern abated.

Nestle, major brands to boycott YouTube ads after paedophiles swarm comments on videos of children

About two years ago, hundreds of companies pulled money from YouTube over concerns about ads showing up next to problematic content from terror or hate groups and videos that seemed to endanger or exploit children.

YouTube unleashed a conspiracy theory boom. Can it be contained?

Part of the problem for platforms like YouTube and Facebook — which has also pledged to clean up misinformation that could lead to real-world harm — is that the definition of “harmful” misinformation is circular.

How to permanently delete your YouTube watch and search history in a few steps

Here's how to quickly, and permanently, delete your YouTube watch and search history.