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Was Prisoner No 16656, once at Yerawada, given special treatment?

The Bombay High Court wants to know why Sanjay Dutt was let off early for good behavior, but Pune wants closure from the high-profile case

Qualifications no bar: MD, MBA, MCA, LLB among women prisoners at Yerawada jail

Of the 282 women prisoners at Yerawada, there are 13 graduates, nine post-graduates with professional qualifications; 122 worked before jail term.


After Yerawada in Pune , coming to all central prisons in state: a radio station

In November 2014, the state Prison Department had launched the radio station of the Yerawada jail named Radio YCP, which since then is being run by the inmates of the jail.

Govt is strictly guided by laws: CM Devendra Fadnavis

There is no question of discriminating anybody in any case including extending furlough to actor Sanjay Dutt.

The ins and outs of furlough

Furlough is leave from prison that every convict is entitled to by way of right.

Yerawada jail to roll out its gilt-edged product — Paithani sarees

The textile unit of Yerawada prison is training inmates in finer details of Paithani weaving.


Sanjay Dutt may get 14-day furlough

Sanjay Dutt has spent over 118 days out of jail, either on parole or furlough from May 2013 to May 2014.

‘Cellphone recovered from Yerawada jail was used by four inmates’

There are no sockets in the cell which suggests that some of the staffers of the jail were involved.

Inmates turn RJs as Yerawada jail gets a ‘radio station’

The purpose is to give inmates their own space for expression.

Inmates to turn RJs as Yerawada jail gets a 'radio station'

Programmes will be planned, scripted and performed by inmates

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'No easy walk to freedom', says Sanjay Dutt

Pune, Feb 25 (ANI): Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt who walked free from the Yerawada jail on Thursday morning said there is no easy walk to freedom. He also praised his fans and said that he is there because of the support of his fans. Dutt, who served 42 months under the Arms Act in the 1993 Bombay blast case, kissed the ground and saluted the Yerawada jail and policemen standing outside before moving out of the main gate. His wife Manyata Dutt and filmmaker Raj Kumar Hirani were present to receive him. Dutt waived hands at the fans waiting outside the jail complex. The 56-year-old actor went to Pune airport and is likely to board a chartered plane for Mumbai. Dutt will offer obeisance at the famous Siddhivinayak temple in.

Police detain protestors opposing Sanjay Dutt's release

Pune, Feb 25 (ANI): The Pune police on Thursday detained protestors opposing the release of Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt from the Yerawada jail. The 56-year-old, who has spent 42 months in prison, walked out of jail around eight months ahead of time - the reprieve was granted on grounds of good behaviour. The security outside the Yerawada jail has been tightened in view of Dutt's release. Meanwhile, a PIL has also been filed in Bombay High Court by social activist Pradeep Bhalekar, seeking a stay on early release of the 56-year-old actor. The PIL says several convicts secure good-conduct reports from prison authorities but are not granted remission or early release. Reportedly, the actor has been out on parole for 90 days in December 2013 and again in August last for 30 days for personal reasons.