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'Policy paralysis' over, but economy still awaits Narendra Modi's 'Achche Din'

It was suffering from 'policy paralysis' as 2014 began with some 'green shoots' here and there...

Gold loses sheen to import curbs in 2014; smugglers make hay

Losing its sheen for 2nd year in a row, gold turned cheaper by over 10 pct as govt tried to divert investors away from this 'unproductive asset'.


Be obese at your own risk! Top 5 Obesity studies in 2014 warn the world

Almost a third of the world is now fat. Here're top 5 obesity studies that warn us enough to shed that extra weight right away.

Top viral spoof videos that took internet by storm in 2014

Nothing works on the video platform better than spoofs. Presenting five spoofs that went viral on the web in 2014.