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Yahoo Mail adds 'Reminders' and 'Unsubscribe' features to its Android, iOS app

Yahoo Mail introduces two new features to its iOS, and Android app dubbed Reminders and Unsubscribe.

Yahoo to pay $50 million, other costs for massive security breach

About 3 billion Yahoo accounts were hit by hackers that included some linked to Russia by the FBI. The settlement reached in a San Francisco court covers about 1 billion of those accounts held by 200 million people in the US and Israel from 2012 through 2016.


How to download Yahoo Messenger chat history post the service shutdown

Yahoo Messenger has now shut down, but users will be able to download their conversation history till the end of November. Here's how to download Yahoo Messenger chat history.

Yahoo Messenger shuts down for good: A quick goodbye to an old friend

Yahoo Messenger shuts down leaving behind fond memories for those who used it extensively, right from the turn of the century. It's the end of an era.

Yahoo Mail app launched for entry-level Android Go phones

Yahoo Mail Go App for entry-level Android Go phones launched, alongside with a new mobile web experience.

Yahoo Messenger to shut down on July 17, users will be redirected to Squirrel app

Once Yahoo Messenger shuts down, users will be redirected to a new Squirrel service that the company has been beta-testing since last month.


EU states agree rules to make search engines pay for news

The measure, which is not yet final, would allow press publishers to ask search engines to pay them for showing their articles for up to one year after publication.

Fired Indian IT employees get counseled by chatbot services

For months Lovkesh Joshi was quietly terrified of losing his job as a manager at a top Indian tech services company. Clients were cutting their budgets, prompting his bosses to fire dozens of colleagues. His manager told him not to worry, but it was hard not to when experts were predicting that millions of the […]

Mozilla recalls Google as Firefox's default search engine, dumps Yahoo

Mozilla has approved Google to be Firefox's default search engine, as it scraps its deal with Yahoo.

Former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer blames Russia for one of two data breaches

Former Yahoo Chief Executive Marissa Mayer apologized on Wednesday for two massive data breaches at the internet company, blaming Russian agents for at least one of them.