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Sony working on new Xperia smartphone with six rear cameras: Report

Sony is reportedly developing a flagship Xperia device that will come with a total of six camera lenses at the rear along with two front-facing camera lenses.

Sony Xperia C3: Is this the best selfie camera?

Good overall phone, but don't buy this phone just for the cameras


Sony Xperia Z3 review: This flagship upgrade has got it right

It might not be all that innovative compared to the Z2, but it is definitely a worthy successor.

Sony launches new flagship Xperia Z3 amd Z3 Compact, wants to end year with 30 new models

Xperia is the fastest growing product category for Sony India and is expected to contribute over 40% of total business in FY14

Big investment in size-zero

Kareena Kapoor has been endorsing laptop company Sony Vaio's Vivid for over a year now.