Xinjiang News

Muslim detention camps are like ‘boarding schools,’ Chinese official says

“Some voices internationally have said Xinjiang has concentration camps or re-education camps. These claims are pure lies,” Shohrat Zakir said.

China's Uighur Muslims struggle under 'police state'

This year, an eerie silence hung over the plaza outside the imposing prayer hall as devotees gathered to mark the end of a month of fasting, the lowest turnout in a generation according to residents. "This is not a good place for religion," said one trader.


China bans Muslim names like 'Saddam', 'Jihad' for newborns in restive Xinjiang

On April 1, the authorities in Xinjiang had also imposed new rules banning "abnormal" beards or a full veil

Chinese govt releases white paper defending crackdown against Islamic militants in Xinjiang

The white paper calls the crackdown as justified as it serves the fundamental interests of the people

28 terrorists killed in China's Xinjiang province

After the attacks on the mine the militants escaped into the mountains, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

'Foreign extremists making inroads into China's Xinjiang': Legislators

Eziz Musar, the prefecture's commissioner, said he will propose in this year's NPC that China enact legislation against extremism.


China to curb phone, computer purchases in restive Xinjiang

It could be the latest sign of tightening government restrictions.

Chinese city in restive Muslim region bans burqa

Authorities in the regional capital Urumqi cited France and Belgium has been banned.

China offers reward for mixed marriages in restive Xinjiang

Xinjiang govt announced an annual cash reward of 10,000 yuan for five years for mixed marriage couples.

18 surrender to police for terror attack in China's Xinjiang

The suspects have surrendered under tense pressure from the public.