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India can benefit from the US-China tariff war if it plays its cards well

If this trade war continues over a longer horizon, it could even result in shift of production bases and restructuring of global supply chains. Chinese firms are already moving production to their plants in other countries. India figures in the list of such probables.

Trading punches for months, will US-China thrash out a trade deal?

The United States has maintained that Beijing has apparently reneged on its earlier commitments in trade negotiations, even as it swooped down with double tariffs on nearly USD 200 billion worth of Chinese goods on May 10.


China evokes patriotism, past wars as trade conflict with US heats up

China, which reported unexpectedly weak growth in retail sales and industrial output on Wednesday, also said on Friday that the impact of trade frictions on its economy was "controllable".

How Xi Jinping’s last-minute switch on the trade deal upended it

In China’s top-down political system, where Xi has amassed formidable power, it’s unlikely that anyone else would have had the authority — or, for that matter, the nerve — to fundamentally alter the emerging pact at this late date.

US targets $300 billion of Chinese goods for new tariff hikes

This comes a day after Beijing announced a rise in tariffs on American goods worth $60 billion. Earlier on Friday, the US had hiked levies on $200 billion of Chinese goods inviting a threat of retaliation from China.

China says 'fed up' with hearing US complaints on Belt and Road

The initiative, a key thrust of President Xi Jinping's administration, has hit opposition in some countries over fears its opaque could lead to unsustainable debt and that it aims more to promote Chinese influence than development.


US-China trade talks to resume despite Trump’s tariff threat

Before Trump’s threat Sunday, the plan had been for Liu to lead a 100-strong Chinese delegation to Washington for talks that were supposed to begin Wednesday. The effect of Trump’s threat was to delay these talks by a day.

May Fourth: A centenary that makes China both proud and nervous

What was the movement of May Fourth, and why does China's government feel compelled to underline the supremacy of the party on its centenary?

Listing of Masood Azhar as global terrorist by UN will be 'properly resolved': China 

Last month, China had placed a technical hold on a fresh proposal to impose a ban on the head of Pakistan-based JeM which claimed responsibility for the deadly Pulwama terror attack. It was for the fourth time, China blocked Azhar's listing as a global terrorist by the UN.

Xi Jinping praises a student protest in china — from 100 years ago

Xi was the latest Communist Party leader to retell the May 4 story to fit his agenda. Generations of students have absorbed textbooks that present the 1919 protests as a prelude to the founding of the Communist Party in 1921 and its unstoppable victory.

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Stroll by lake side, boat ride, discussion over tea: Modi-Xi bonhomie on full display

PM Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday began their last round of one-on-one talks on the second day of a two-day informal summit. They met at the East Lake and took a brisk walk while interacting with each other. They also enjoyed a boat ride over the lake.

The secret rendezvous: When Kim Jong Un and Xi Jinping met

North Korea's Kim Jong Un travelled to Beijing to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping in a "secret meeting".


Glimpses from G20 Summit: Captains of industry discuss terrorism, climate change at Hamburg

PM Modi was among the many dignitaries present at the Twelfth G20 Summit held at Hamburg, northern Germany. US President Donald Trump, French President Emmanuel Macron, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull were also present.

Top Frames: China's Military Parade, Vladimir Putin's workout, Europe migrant crisis

Chinese troops staged a celebration of the 70th anniversary of Japan's surrender during World War II in Beijing; Vladimir Putin worksout in an open-air gym; Hundreds of angry migrants demonstrated outside Budapest's Eastern Railway Terminus.

PM Modi meets Sharif in Ufa; Dalai Lama's birthday and monsoon in Delhi

Narendra Modi accepts Nawaz Sharif's invitation to visit Pakistan for SAARC summit in 2016; a three day celebration of Dalai Lama's 80th birthday; monsoon arrives in Delhi.

Xi Jinping flies back home

Chinese President XI Jinping and wife Peng Liyuan are ready to fly back to China.


Xi Jinping meets President and PM, gets guard of honour

Chinese President Xi Jinping expressed the hope that China and India will take their strategic and cooperative partnership to a higher plane.

Modi showcases Gujarati culture at Xi Jinping's reception in Ahmedabad

Prime Minister Narendra Modi showcased Gujarati culture at Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan in Ahmedabad.

Tibetans living in India protest ahead of Chinese President's visit

Ten Tibetans were detained this morning after they staged a protest outside Chinese Embassy in New Delhi.

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On Doklam and surgical strikes, Modi says Congress' comments were childish

Replying to the no-confidence motion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that when it came to Doklam, the Congress was all over the place when asked about meeting Chinese officials. And on surgical strikes, he said, the party's comments were childish.

China and Taiwan leaders to hold landmark talks in Singapore

The two are expected to handle the meeting in a delicate manner with no signing of agreements or the making of joint statements.


BRICS SUMMIT: PM Narendra Modi meets China and Russia

Prime Minister Narendra Modi leaving Hotel Seara Praia to meet China President Xi Jinping at Hotel Grand Marquise.