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People with wrinkled eyes appear more sincere

A recent study reports that hiding wrinkles has a negative impact on people's perception of one's sincerity. The brain is pre-wired to look at the wrinkles around the eyes as being markers of sincerity and intensity.

Smoothing wrinkles in cells could reverse ageing

Scientists are already modifying viruses for beneficial medical purposes, and it would be particularly easy to get a modified virus to the liver because of the organ's role in detoxifying the body.


Your smartphone may be giving you wrinkles, warn experts

The "tech neck" is a line around the neck and chin which is caused by looking down at modern devices.

Now,plant pill that can reduce wrinkles

Supplement offers an alternative to more invasive measures such as Botox.

Lack of sleep can make you look old and gloomy

Sleep deprivation affects facial features such as the eyes,mouth and skin.

New Botox may escalate war on wrinkles

Two smaller drugmakers with similar products haven't made substantial inroad.


Now,wonder balm that blurs out wrinkles or spots in just 40 secs

Nanoblur is full of high-tech particles that scatter light,making skin look miraculously better.

New gel takes the needle out of botox treatments

The product has shown promising results with few side effects.

Want a good night's rest? Sleep on your back

Sleeping on back prevents neck and back pain,reduces acid reflux and minimizes wrinkles.

Women spend more that a year’s salary to fight wrinkles

The figure actually exceeds their average annual pay packet,which is just less than £20,000.