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After the kiss

The sailor in Eisenstaedt’s iconic post-WWII photo has passed on. The demons his generation exorcised threaten to return

Greek, Italian presidents attend WW II commemoration parade

Italy invaded Greece on Oct. 28, 1940, from neighboring Albania, which it had occupied the previous year. The Italians expected a swift advance but were soon beaten back deep into Albania by the Greeks. T


Marine who died in WWII buried in Massachusetts

The 20-year-old was killed during fighting on the South Pacific island in October 1942 and received a field burial.

US team in India to search for World War II Dead

During World War II, the United States provided supplies to the Chinese Army by flying over the Himalayas, a route known as 'The Hump'. Many of these aircraft went missing and were never found in the mountainous terrain.

MPT to salvage remnants of German ships wrecked in World War II

The shipwrecks, lying in the sea at Mormugao harbour for more than six decades, will be salvaged as a part of the Union shipping ministry's plan to construct a fishing harbour and a cargo jetty at MPT in Vasco, around 40 kms from here, a senior official said.

Adolf Hitler globe sold for USD 65,000 at US auction

The globe is marked entirely in German. Notably, borders of Germany include the portion of Poland allotted to them under the German-Soviet Frontier Treaty of 1939, as well as Austria and the Czech Sudetenland. The globe was auctioned for USD 65,000.


US to request excavating two more World War II sites in Arunachal Pradesh

Most of these sites have been identified through a combination of historical data and locals talking about a crash which they may have heard from their parents or grandparents.

US bomb from World War II defused at German airport in Hannover

More than 70 years after the end of the war, unexploded bombs are still regularly discovered during construction work in German cities

An agenda for humanity

We face the worst humanitarian crisis since WW II and the largest funding crisis.

Italy closes route over Brenner mountain pass to defuse WWII bomb

Austrian autobahn police said that the A22, a major north-south link between Italy and Austria, as well as the Brenner Pass highway and train connections would all be closed in both directions between 0830 CET (0730 GMT) to around noon.

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A room without a view: Snapshots of Swiss Army bunkers converted to hotels

For upwards of almost $200 a night, guests at a Swiss hotel might expect to catch a glimpse of the towering Alps or overlook one of the country's famous lakes. But visitors to Hotel La Claustra get a room without a view. The 17-room hotel is buried in the Gotthard mountain range and, with cavernous walls and minimalist interior, offers the chance to spend a few nights in an ex-army bunker.

WWII memory: Destruction and construction of Japan

The combo pictures of initial destruction and reconstruction after the March 10, 1945 firebombing on Japan by the United States Army Air Forces during Pacific campaigns of World War II.


TOP FRAMES: Best photographs of this week from around the world

Top Frames brings to you an incredible edit of the defining news images from around the globe.

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The day the first and the only time atomic bombs were unleashed on Hiroshima, Japan

It was a day like no other. The day the first ever atomic bomb was dropped on Japan, during World War II.