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WWII mourned: German President expresses remorse, warns about dangers of nationalism

``This war was a German crime,'' President Frank-Walter Steinmeier told Poland's top leaders, US Vice President Mike Pence, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other world leaders at a 80th anniversary ceremony marking World's War II's outbreak.

Explained: The Munich Agreement and the road to World War II, 80 years ago

Great Britain and France, which had assured help to Poland, declared war on Germany and its allies two days later, on September 3.


Navy warship sunk by German sub in WWII finally located

The sinking of the USS Eagle PE-56 on April 23, 1945, was originally blamed on a boiler explosion. But the Navy determined in 2001 that it had been sunk by a German submarine.

World War II bomb defused in Berlin, over 3,000 people evacuated

The bomb, which was found at a depth of about 10 feet, had an intact detonator, police added. The Berlin Police had put up a map of the area on Twitter, indicating the places where the evacuation will happen.

D-Day DNA: GI's sons piece together lost WWII love story

Even as Europe, the United States and their allies mark 75 years since 160,000 Allied troops stormed a heavily-fortified 50-mile (80-kilometer) stretch of Nazi-occupied coastline in Normandy, the history of D-Day and its aftermath is still being written.

Japan activates first marines since WW2 to bolster defenses against China

The activation of the 2,100 strong ARDB takes Japan a step closer to creating a force similar to a US Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) able to plan and execute operations at sea far from its home base.


(Gogh)ne With The Wind

Nandy's attempt to create a thrilling cross-continent chase for one of the world's most sought-after paintings is admirable, but the execution is lacking.

Thousands evacuate in Frankfurt before WWII bomb defused

In Frankfurt, bomb disposal experts will use a special system to try and unscrew the fuses attached to the HC 4,000 bomb from a safe distance. If that fails, a water jet will be used to cut the fuses away from the bomb.

Japan PM Shinzo Abe sends ritual offering to war dead shrine on World War 2 surrender anniversary

The official People's Liberation Army Daily wrote in a commentary on Tuesday that anniversary should be a time for Japan to reflect on its history, not to "go further down forked road of harming Sino-Japanese ties and regional peace and stability".

WWII veteran, 93, brings back flag taken from enemy soldier

The Obon Society has returned about 125 flags and gets about five inquiries a day from aging soldiers who regret their actions and want to return the flags before they die.

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Top Frames: China's Military Parade, Vladimir Putin's workout, Europe migrant crisis

Chinese troops staged a celebration of the 70th anniversary of Japan's surrender during World War II in Beijing; Vladimir Putin worksout in an open-air gym; Hundreds of angry migrants demonstrated outside Budapest's Eastern Railway Terminus.