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What is World Theatre Day

The first World Theatre Day International Message was written by Jean Cocteau (France) in 1962.  ITI has more than 85 centres throughout the world to encourage colleges, schools and theatre personalities to mark this day. 

Expose your kids to more plays, says dramatist Manjima Chatterjee

"Most children attempt to compose some form of poetry. Those exposed to plays and inspired by them may feel the urge to write for themselves. Exposure and the desire to create are essential; other things, such as training and talent will help the process along."


150-year-old theatre group from Pakistan casts its spell in city

A play, Jaal, based on women’s exploitation at workplace was staged by the Lok Kala Manch, Ludhiana.

Machines at Play

Many a rockstar has been born in a garage,many an artist in clammy attic rooms.

INDIAN THEATRE: The world within

On World Theatre Day,a new generation of playwrights talk about how their immediate surroundings scripts their stories.

Watch Jab Jaago Tabhi Savera in Sector 17 today

As a run-up to the World Theatre Day,many city-based theatre groups are all set to stage their latest productions.


A cause in my canvas

The hands rose and spread out as tree branches,thus becoming one with nature.

Social Contract

Tagore Bylanes is a movement speaking on behalf of the common man.