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World Mental Health Day: Lady Gaga writes powerful letter about suicide and stigma around mental health

“Suicide is the most extreme and visible symptom of the larger mental health emergency we are so far failing to adequately address", said Lady Gaga.

World Mental Health Day: Dealing with anxiety in children

World Mental Health Day 2018: A child is said to be suffering from panic disorder when they experience two or more panic attacks over a short period of time.


World Mental Health Day: Is binge eating a mental disorder?

World Mental Health Day 2018: How many of us have eaten a bucket full of chocolate ice cream in one go? Is that just binge eating?

World Mental Health Day: 7 tips for parents of kids with bipolar disorder

World Mental Health Day 2018: It is important for parents and caregivers to seek help early and to equip themselves with all the necessary tools currently available to deal effectively with this condition.

World Mental Health Day: Spot suicidal tendencies in kids early

World Mental Health Day 2018: Encouraging adolescents with suicidal signs to talk may save their lives. Those who oscillate between thoughts of “struggling to live” and “wanting to die” need help.

World Mental Health Day: ‘Every year, the number of young people who need help keeps rising’

At least 30 per cent of 1,500 persons admitted to the Regional Mental Hospital at Yerawada are youngsters from different parts of the state.


Pune: For more support to patients, family wards to be set up in mental hospital at Yerawada

A significant step towards this will be taken in October, as World Mental Health Day falls on October 10 and Mental Health Awareness Week is observed in the first week of the month.

World Mental Health Day 2017: Depression and how it is different from sadness

Depression, though often confused with sadness, is more complex than that. it is an exaggerated form of sadness that tends to linger on for days. And symptoms of not eating, overeating, crying too much, not taking self care or not being happy over any achievement are obvious markers of depression.

World Mental Health Day 2017: These short films show the real struggle against mental illness

As the world celebrates World Mental Health Day on October 10 this year, here is a series of short films that capture the lives of people who suffered and fought against such illnesses.

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Celebrities who battled depression and spoke about it

Depression, though a glaring reality, is often treated as an ugly word and is not included in conversations and discussions. However several celebrities who have gone through this have later spoken up on the issue, and have done a great job at that.