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Sunday, May 22, 2022

world leaders


From 'Biden’s Big-Un' to 'Merkel’s Minted Lamb', these G7-themed pasties are on sale in the UK

June 13, 2021 1:16 pm

While it is unclear as to where exactly these pasties are being sold, social media users have suggested more names, like "Justin True-Dough" for the Canadian prime minister

Two leaders who count

October 24, 2014 9:47 am

The pope is everything you’d want in a leader, Putin everything you wouldn’t.


December 12, 2013 3:09 am

The funeral of a beloved leader is a cathartic moment in history.

South Africa unites in prayer for Mandela

December 08, 2013 4:38 pm

President Zuma had urged South Africans to go to stadiums,halls,churches to remember their leader.

South Africans prepare to bid adieu to Madiba

December 08, 2013 1:05 am

Nobel Peace Prize laureate to be laid to rest in Qunu hometown on December 15; several world leaders expected.

'Terrorists' eat human hearts,cut people alive: Syria minister

October 01, 2013 12:09 am

He claimed “terrorists” fighting the regime in the civil war are being supplied with chemical weapons,but he did not name specific nations.

An illusory prime minister

September 29, 2013 3:56 am

Dr Manmohan Singh is only the illusion of a prime minister.

India,Iran pledge to deepen ties

August 05, 2013 2:55 am

Iran’s new President Hassan Rouhani Sunday pledged to deepen ties with India

China lobbies strenuously to prevent world leaders from meeting Dalai Lama: report

August 11, 2012 2:03 pm

Withstanding China's objections,Obama had met with Dalai Lama twice,in 2010 and 2011.

In Davos,Europe is pressed for debt crisis solution

January 30, 2012 12:49 am

World leaders turned up the pressure on Europe to erect a more formidable wall of money against the sovereign debt crisis,warning that the euro zone continues to pose a severe threat to the global economy