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World Hypertension Day 2019: Is high blood pressure a threat to your pregnancy?

World Hypertension Day 2019: High blood pressure during pregnancy increases the exposure to a lot of threats to the mother and baby. It can disturb the lining of the uterus, which can impede the embryos for healthy implantation.

World Hypertension Day 2019: Uncommon reasons you may have high blood pressure

Essential hypertension is usually linked to genetics, poor diet, lack of exercise and obesity. Whereas secondary hypertension may be caused by a number of uncommon causes or diseases.


World Hypertension Day 2019: Ayurvedic tips to manage hypertension

Normal blood pressure of a healthy adult individual is 120 mmHg systolic and 80 mmHg diastolic.

World Hypertension Day 2019: Know about the signs, risks and treatment for hypertension

People with high blood pressure may have headaches, shortness of breath or nosebleeds, but these signs and symptoms aren't specific and usually don't occur until high blood pressure has reached a severe or life-threatening stage.

World Hypertension Day 2019: Yoga asanas to help manage high blood pressure

World Hypertension Day is celebrated on May 17 every year to create awareness of the importance of monitoring blood pressure and knowing about its natural levels. The theme for this year is 'Know Your Numbers'.

World Hypertension Day: All you needed to know about blood pressure

Hypertension, also known as high or raised blood pressure, is a condition in which the blood vessels have persistently raised pressure.


Proper food, exercise can prevent youth from hypertension: Doctors

Doctors emphasise regular check-ups as, if ignored, hypertension can reach a stage where it cannot be reversed.

City doctor’s new book lists ways to defeat hypertension

Third in a series of books, ‘Winning Over Hypertension’ follows ‘Winning Over Diabetes’ and ‘Winning Over Obesity’.

‘Obesity is world’s worst nutritional problem’

The World Hypertension Day was celebrated by different hospitals today. SPS Apollo Hospitals organised a seminar.