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Explained: Why September 29 is marked as World Heart Day

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that over 17.9 million people die of cardiovascular diseases every year, accounting for over 31 per cent of global deaths.

How does high blood pressure affect your heart?

Hypertension causes accelerated rate of arterial blockage.


Heart disease and diabetes: All you need to know

Of all the factors, smoking, increasing stress levels, and diabetes are the three major reasons that can cause significant damage to your heart, and may even cause death.

World Heart Day 2019: Simple ways to prevent heart attack and stay healthy

World Heart Day 2019: Ensure that your diet comprises a balance of nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, and minerals.

World Heart Day 2019: Keep a tab on high blood pressure during pregnancy

World Heart Day 2019: High blood pressure puts people at the risk of heart attack, stroke and other major complications and it can be dangerous for the baby.

World Heart Day 2019: Signs and symptoms of heart disease during pregnancy

World Heart Day Special: Heart Disorders in Pregnancy Signs: During pregnancy, a woman's blood volume typically rises from 30 - 50 per cent in order to provide nourishment for the growing foetus. However, as blood volume rises, so does the extent of work the heart performs.


World Heart Day: 5 foods to include in your child’s diet

World Heart Day 2018: A handful of nuts a day sets up children for a lifetime of healthy eating habits. Give them 3-5 almonds daily as they boast a long list of vitamins and minerals that are crucial for heart health.

World Heart Day 2018: 3 delicious and easy recipes for a healthy heart

On World Heart Day, we bring to you a list of mouth-watering, healthy recipes that might help your heart grow healthier. From sesame seared tuna to Berry Smoothies, try these recipes at home.

World Heart Day: An excerpt from Sandeep Jauhar's novel 'Heart'

Sandeep Jauhar's book, 'Heart, a history' published in September 2018 by Penguin Random House India is a stellar work and what better day than World Heart Day to read an extract from it?

World Heart Day 2017: Why is it observed — importance and significance

Eating healthy is one of the most important steps towards ensuring that the heart is fuelled with clean energy. One the occasion of World Health Day, we bring you the importance and significance behind the observance.

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Don't ignore the red flags: Warning signs and symptoms of a heart attack

Pay heed to the alarming bells that warn you against a heart attack to avert the life-threatening crisis. After all, prevention is better than cure. Wish your heart a blooming health this World Heart Day!

World Heart Day 2017: Everyday spices that are good for your heart

Modern medicine has begun to study the powers of spices and validates several useful properties. Some are found to be useful for the heart.