World Championship match

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How Anand picked up the pieces

Taking time off from chess helped as the loss to Carlsen had ‘knocked the stuffing out’

Anand salvages lost position to settle for 4th draw against Carlsen

Making things worse was the clock as Anand also ran a little short of time in the final phase.


Anand scares Carlsen; third game ends in long-grinding draw

The third game on Tuesday turned out to be a hard fought affair lasting 51 moves.

After two draws,who will blink first?

Having sized each other up,Anand and Carlsen will look for early advantage.

Is a win for Magnus Carlsen a win for chess?

Kasparov's assertion reflects view of wider chess world that Norwegian’s marketability will help sport.

Mystery before history

Magnus Carlsen lands in Chennai,shuts himself off at secret location,possibly a beach resort.


Magnus Carlsen makes early move,to conduct Chennai recce in August

Carlsen will visit Chennai,a couple of months ahead of his World Championship match against Anand.

Anand prefers to play it safe

Despite winning his fifth World Championship last month,Viswanathan Anand is not upbeat about his chances in the next World Championship match.