World Autism Awareness Day

World Autism Awareness Day News

Imagine: Children with autism are different, not less

The child is not damaged or broken so nothing needs to be fixed. Maybe we are bit broken as human beings that we struggle to accept children who do not fit into the neat grooves we design for them.

World Autism Day: 'You have to be patient', says dad Jon Roberts on raising an autistic child

It wasn't until we started taking her to Day Care and the local playground that we suddenly noticed the difference between her and other children of the same age.


World Autism Day: Why do some autistic children find it difficult to recognise faces?

In the social-media post, Roberts talked about how his "daughter loves school and can name all her friends and teachers in a photo but if she sees them in a park or a shop she blanks them as if she has never met them before."

World Autism Awareness Day: How to interact with children who have special needs

Often, people don't know how to interact with kids with special needs, and though there are no set rules, it all starts with patience.

Taking the first steps

On December 18,2007 the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 62/139,declaring April 2 to be celebrated as World Autism Awareness Day