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Companies increasing focus on employees' emotional, financial health: Study

The study concluded that this year over 80 per cent of the organisations have taken at least one action in health risks or condition management, weight management, physical activity and nutrition and managing employee stress and mental health.

Meditation can boost emotional intelligence, cut stress at workplace

The study found that people who meditated more regularly scored higher on total emotional quotient and had lower perceived stress, also known as psychological stress which is the most common occupational health problems affecting workers worldwide.


Strict, yet kind boss can boost employees' performance says study

The study noted that employees with bosses who were authoritarian almost always had negative results on job performance, while those with benevolent chiefs always had a positive impact on job performance.

Spice up your office desk this festive season

Here are some innovative ways in which you can make your workplace a happier place to be. Scroll to see the tips on how to spice up your office desk this festive season.

Harassing employees may cut your well-being: Study

Communicating with workers may help supervisors by releasing negative emotions through sharing, receiving social support and gaining relational energy from their co-workers.

Fairness at work can help boost employees' health

The findings showed that when perceptions of fairness changed, the self-rated health of employees also changed. Those who experienced more fairness on an average reported better health.


Offices too come in several grades

An office space is critical to any company’s growth as the workplace environment plays a crucial role for the employees