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Friday, December 13, 2019

working it out


Working It Out: Did the education system fail us?

June 11, 2018 3:34 pm

Is the education system flawed? Identify the job skills that are relevant for the next couple of decades, and if your school or college is not imparting those skills to you, you can learn them on your own.

Working It Out: The future of work and digital

May 21, 2018 3:54 pm

Robotics adoption, carbon 3D printing will affect business and economics structures, resulting in massive unemployment in manufacturing as well as agriculture sector. Learn the skills that are going to be highest paid skill in the year 2020 or 2025.

Working It Out: 16 ‘no-nonsense’ lessons for professional success

April 02, 2018 9:08 pm

There is nothing great about poverty. Adversity makes you strong but eventually, it breaks you if you do not get out of it soon. Money may not bring happiness, but poverty guarantees unhappiness. So here are some tips that may give you a successful career.

Working It Out: 8 real hacks to get rid of office politics

April 02, 2018 5:30 pm

People who understand politics may be a little miserable but those who fail to read the situation in advance lose badly. Conquering office politics takes a right balance of speed, patience and stakeholder management.

Working It Out: Management lessons from the Ramayana

July 31, 2017 7:54 pm

Be a curious student and see what you should learn from Ramayana to take your professional life to the next level. The characters of Rama, Ravana, Kaikeye and Dashratha, among all the others, have much to teach, if only you know where to look.

Working It Out: Why meditation is a new must for professionals?

July 02, 2017 8:41 pm

There are ample of studies by reputed medical institutes published in world famous journals which prove that meditation is even more powerful than medication for sound emotional health. Meditation is the internal bathing and cleansing of the mind.

Working It Out: How to follow your passion, and make money too

June 14, 2016 3:18 am

If you remember these six principles, your passion will reward you with the dream life you want.

Working It Out: 5 ways to power-up your body language and be successful

May 18, 2016 6:36 pm

Sometimes the reason for underperformance lies in using your body the wrong way. Adopting power-postures can do wonders for your career.

Working It Out: 7 indispensable rules of money mastery

April 25, 2016 8:01 pm

Everything we know about money is what we learnt ourselves or from people around us.

Working It Out: How to master your career with NLP

April 13, 2016 8:16 pm

Neuro-linguistic programming is a psychological approach to understand how our mind and body work together, which can lead to improving your life — at home and at work.