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Wordly Benefits: What the dickens! You might say

Of the innumerable sources that English has borrowed from, the names of authors and characters from their books throw up quite a few coinages that we frequently come across in newspapers, magazines and other media.

Wordly Benefits: Pigs, monkeys and other animals in the dictionary

Animal stories are something that children start learning first. They make a lasting impression because of their sheer innocence to which kids can so easily relate to.


Shakespeare's English: The Bard's contribution to the Queens language

In speeches, writings, acting, day-to-day conversations, allusions to Shakespeare is a measure of one’s expertise over the language.

Wordly benefits: A touch of French

When we speak of French words, we generally mean Latin words once removed, for French is a Romance language.

When the iron curtain lifted to reveal the power of the flower children

The war of apocalyptic proportions left in its wake ties and trends which determined much of the geopolitics in the second half of the last century.