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Consensual enslavement

Islamic feminism has pushed back the women’s rights movement in Pakistan and reversed the movement for secularisation in the country

No chairperson at state women’s commission for last one year

The commission was formed in 2006 to take up issues related to women to protect their rights and take steps to curb practices that are derogatory to them.


Panel seeks more rights for women in family laws

Suggests ban on triple talaaq, polygamy, redefining adultery.

Can mother's name be used to identify a person? SC to examine petition

Petitioner said furnishing father's name in official documents must be made optional since 'only a mother's identity is certain'.

A Picture of Freedom

Iranian photographer Shadi Ghadirian’s Miss Butterfly is a poignant statement on women’s rights in India today

Splitting the difference

Marriage bill treads a tricky path between a liberal approach to divorce and protecting women’s rights


'Gulab Gang' makers should have met me before making film: Sampat Pal

The film is slated to go on floors this month and will be released on March 8 2013.

NCW insensitive towards women's rights: Women forum

NCW chief had told women recently that if someone calls them 'sexy',they should take it positively.

Afghan arsonists seek to enforce truancy from school

Arson and poison attacks on schools across Afghanistan have forced students to defend themselves.

Sexual exploitation of white girls ‘particular problem in Asian communities’ in UK

Group grooming is a particular problem in Asian communities,says Chief Crown Prosecutor for North West England.